Dominion Cove Point LNG, LP

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Effective Date: 12/22/2006, Docket: RP07- 36-001, Status: Effective

Fourth Revised Sheet No. 23 Fourth Revised Sheet No. 23 : Effective

Superseding: Third Revised Sheet No. 23









2.6 Buyer shall have the right to release and assign the service rights under its LTD-1

Service Agreement in accordance with Section 10 (Release and Assignment of Service

Rights) of the GT&C. Service to a Replacement Customer under any such release and

assignment shall be subject to the provisions set forth in this Rate Schedule and in

the applicable GT&C. Throughout the term of any release, Releasor(s) and Replacement

Customer(s) must comply with the operational requirements of Sections 4 and 5 of this

Rate Schedule, including the timing of nominations, agreement on a single tanker

delivery schedule prior to submission of the release to Operator, and specification of

a single party to submit the proposed schedule to Operator.


2.7 Service under this Rate Schedule is provided solely at Operator's LNG terminal. Buyer

shall be responsible for arranging service under Rate Schedule FTS or Rate Schedule

ITS to transport gas stored at the terminal for further delivery along Operator's





2.A.1 Operator shall provide incremental sendout entitlements above Buyer's MDDQ in

accordance with the provisions of this Section 2.A. and Buyer's LTD-1 Service

Agreement. Operator shall have the right to interrupt or not schedule service for

Buyer under this Section 2.A. on any Day and at any nomination cycle that Operator's

service obligations are expressly excused by the terms of this Section 2.A. ("Excused

Interruptions"). The Excused Interruptions shall be determined at Operator's

reasonable discretion, within the limitations set forth in this Section 2.A.




(a) In accordance with the further provisions of this Rate Schedule, Buyer may

nominate, in addition to Buyer's MDDQ, up to Buyer's ISQ, quantities of LNG to

be vaporized, including any applicable Boil-Off and Retainage, and delivered to

the Delivery Point specified in the Service Agreement.


(b) During the Injection Period, Operator's obligation to provide service under this

Section 2.A. shall be reduced for each Day the weighted average temperature for

the day is predicted to exceed 80 degrees F at 7:00 a.m. Eastern Clock Time

based on the prior day's NOAA's National Weather Service forecast for Patuxent

River NAS, Maryland, as found at The weighted average

temperature will be derived by multiplying the predicted low temperature by 35%

and multiplying the predicted high temperature by 65% and adding the resulting

products. Such reductions in sendout shall be Excused Interruptions. In the

event that scheduling must be done more than one day in advance, e.g., on a

holiday or weekend period, the highest predicted weighted average temperature

for the multi-day period shall be used. The weighted average temperature and

the corresponding daily sendout obligation shall be as set forth in the

following schedule for ISQ:


(i) Weighted average temperature less than 80 degrees F, the maximum daily

rate shall be 250,000 Dth.


(ii) Weighted average temperatures from 80 and less than or equal to 84

degrees F, the maximum daily rate shall be 210,000 Dth.


(iii) Weighted average temperatures greater than 84 and less than or equal to

88 degrees F, the maximum daily rate shall be 190,000 Dth.


(iv) Weighted average temperatures greater than 88 and less than or equal to

92 degrees F, the maximum daily rate shall be 140,000 Dth