Dominion Transmission, Inc.

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/27/2005, Docket: RP05- 51-001, Status: Effective

Sub Original Sheet No. 1509 Sub Original Sheet No. 1509 : Effective



Capacity Reserved for Expansion Projects


44. Capacity Reserved for Expansion Projects.


44.1 Pipeline reserves the right to reserve capacity for expansion projects for the term and in

the manner described in this Section 44. Pipeline may seek to reserve any uncommitted

capacity, as defined in GT&C Section 43.7, on its existing system that may be needed by

Pipeline to provide services offered in conjunction with a future expansion project.


44.2 Prior to reserving capacity under this Section 44, Pipeline shall post for bidding and award

the capacity using the procedures of GT&C Section 43. Capacity will be posted for at least

five Business Days before it is reserved, and the posting shall clearly state Pipeline's

intent to reserve the capacity. As part of its posting, Pipeline shall have the right to

establish minimum terms and conditions equivalent to those applicable to the open season that

Pipeline has held or will hold in connection with a future expansion project. In the event

that the open season held in connection with the future expansion project imposes minimum

terms and conditions that are materially different than those stated in the posting for

reserve capacity, Pipeline shall re-post for bidding and award the reserved capacity using

the same minimum terms and conditions as were imposed in the expansion project open season.


44.3 Pipeline shall maintain on its EBB a notice describing the capacity that Pipeline has

reserved under this Section. Pipeline's notice shall include: (1) a brief description of

its expansion projects; (2) the quantity of capacity to be reserved; (3) the location of the

proposed reserved capacity on the Pipeline's system, including the proposed receipt and

delivery points and associated quantities at those points; (4) the projected in-service date

of the expansion project; (5) information regarding the timing of the open season or other

solicitation of bids for participation in the expansion project; and (6) the amount of

reserved capacity that has been sold on an interim basis. The posted notice shall be updated

from time to time, to reflect the sales of reserved capacity on an interim basis, expansion

projects that have been placed in service, and material changes in the scope of any future

expansion project affecting the level or nature of reserved capacity.


44.4 Pipeline may continue to reserve capacity under this Section 44 for each identified expansion

project until the expansion project is placed in service; provided, however, that the

reservation of capacity shall terminate one year from the date that the notice was posted if

Pipeline has not filed a certificate application for an expansion project or projects or if

the expansion project for which the capacity is reserved does not go forward for any

reason. In the event that a capacity reservation terminates pursuant to this Section 44.4,

then the capacity will be posted for bidding within 30 days of the date the capacity becomes

available, subject to any limited-term contract entered into pursuant to Section 44.5 in

accordance with GT&C Section 43.


44.5 Any capacity reserved under this Section 44 shall be made available pursuant to GT&C Section

43 for a limited term or terms calculated to end on the in-service date of the expansion

project(s). For such limited-term agreements, Pipeline reserves the right to limit any roll-

over or renewal rights provided in the Service Agreement and any ROFR, and shall state these

limitations in its notice of capacity posting.


44.6 To the extent that capacity reserved pursuant to this Section 44 is not sufficient to satisfy

the requirements of an expansion project, then Pipeline shall conduct a reverse open season

setting forth not unduly discriminatory terms for the turn back of capacity within ninety

(90) days of holding an open season for that expansion project, and at any other time if

desired by Pipeline. Capacity obtained through a reverse open season shall be reserved for

an expansion project pursuant to the terms of this Section 44; provided, however, that the

posting requirements of Section 44.2 shall not apply to that capacity.