Dominion Transmission, Inc.

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/26/2010, Docket: RP10-643-000, Status: Effective

Third Revised Sheet No. 1182 Third Revised Sheet No. 1182

Superseding: Second Revised Sheet No. 1182



Conditions Applicable to Storage Services





35.1 Determination of Deliveries, Injections and Withdrawals.

The quantities of gas injected into storage for Customer's account and withdrawn from

storage and delivered to Customer on any Day shall be determined by Pipeline's meters at or

near the points of delivery when gas is delivered to Customer or Pipeline under a storage

service Rate Schedule only. When gas is delivered to Customer or Pipeline under a storage

service Rate Schedule and other rate schedule(s) on the same Day, then the gas delivered

under the storage service Rate Schedule shall be the quantity scheduled for injection or

withdrawal on such Day by Customer and Pipeline, subject to any adjustments required

under Rate Schedule FTNN. Pipeline shall keep accurate records of quantities injected and

withdrawn for Customer's account, and of Customer's Storage Gas Balance, which records

shall be made available to Customer at its written request.




A. Demand and Storage Capacity Charge Adjustments. If during the Summer Period, Pipeline

is unable to inject into storage quantities of gas nominated during such period by

Customer for injection and tendered to Pipeline at any Primary Receipt Point specified

under a storage Service Agreement, then the Storage Demand Charge and the Storage

Capacity Charge shall be reduced in the following manner: If, at the end of the

Summer Period, Customer's Storage Gas Balance is less than Customer's Storage Capacity

due solely to Pipeline's inability to inject gas in accordance with Section 7 of Rate

Schedules GSS and GSS-E, then the Storage Demand Charge applicable for the current

Storage Year shall be that part of the total Storage Demand Charge herein provided

which Customer's Storage Gas Balance as of such date bears to Customer's Storage

Capacity. The same proportionate reduction shall be made in the Storage Capacity for

the same one-year period.


B. Demand Charge Adjustment. If Pipeline fails or is unable to deliver during any one or

more Day the quantity of natural gas which Customer desires to take at a Primary

Delivery Point, up to the maximum quantity which Pipeline is obligated by the Service

Agreement to deliver to Customer at such point, Subject to the limitations of Section

8 of Rate Schedule GSS, then the Storage Demand Charge payable hereunder for that

month shall be reduced by an amount equal to that percentage of the Demand Charge

Adjustment set forth at the currently effective Sheet No. 35 of this Tariff which the

Storage Demand shall be of the Storage Capacity specified in the executed Service

Agreement, per Dt, times the difference between the quantity of natural gas actually

delivered during said Day(s) and Customer's daily entitlement for said Day(s).




A. Daily Injection Overruns. In the event that Customer tenders to Pipeline for

injection on any Day unauthorized quantities of gas in excess of the Maximum Daily

Injection Quantity ("MDIQ"), Pipeline may notify a firm Customer by telephone and/or

telecopier and by EBB, directing Customer to reduce the quantities tendered for

injection to the MDIQ, plus any tolerances permitted by this Section 35.3.A, within

24 hours. If Customer fails to comply, Customer shall pay Pipeline a Daily

Injection Unauthorized Overrun Charge as set forth on Sheet No. 39 and the

associated fuel retention percentage for all gas in excess of:


1. 115% of the MDIQ, for the period extending April 1 through July 31 of each


2. 107% of the MDIQ, for the month of August each year; and

3. 102% of the MDIQ during the months of September and October each year.