Dominion Transmission, Inc.

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/26/2010, Docket: RP10-643-000, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 1179 Second Revised Sheet No. 1179

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 1179



Transfers of Storage Inventory or Service Entitlements



D. The MDWQ of Transferring Customer will be reduced, and the MDWQ of

Receiving Customer will be increased, by the quantities transferred

under this Section 34.3 for each day that the transfer remains in

effect. The Storage Gas Balance of Receiving Customer will be

reduced by the quantities withdrawn, subject to the inventory

limitations of the storage service Rate Schedule applicable to

Receiving Customer.


34.4 Transfers of Inventory. Transferring Customer may transfer all or any

part of its Storage Gas Balance to a Receiving Customer.


A. Winter Period. During the Winter Period, Transferring Customer may

transfer any part of its Storage Gas Balance to a Receiving

Customer, subject to the limitations set forth in this Section 34.

A transfer of inventory may also be made in conjunction with a

transfer of withdrawal entitlements to Receiving Customer, under

Section 34.3, above.


(1) Transferring Customer must provide Pipeline with 48 hours'

prior written notice of such transfers; Pipeline may elect

to consider requests based on shorter notice when its

resources permit, only after Pipeline reviews any timely

transfer requests. Such notice must state clearly the

inventory quantity to be transferred, the associated

storage withdrawal entitlements to be transferred, if any,

and the date(s) on which the transfer is to be effective.

Such notice must be irrevocable and without conditions.


(2) Transferred inventory will increase the Storage Gas Balance

of Receiving Customer, and decrease the Storage Gas Balance

of Transferring Customer, for all purposes effective as of

the next Day following the effective date of the transfer.


(3) Solely for the purposes of applying Section 8.7 of Rate

Schedule GSS, Section 8.6 of Rate Schedule GSS-E, and GT&C

Section 35.3.D, the Transferring Customer will determine

if, and to what extent, the transferred inventory (other

than transfers of Winter Period Injections) will count as a

withdrawal pursuant to the Minimum Turnover obligation of

the Transferring Customer. The Transferring Customer will

specify any transfer of Minimum Turnover obligation when

the inventory transfer is requested. For any such

inventory transfer to be effective, the Receiving Customer

must provide Pipeline with prior written notice of the

acceptance of such transfer of inventory and Minimum

Turnover obligation. Notice will be provided prior to the

effective date of the transfer. Pipeline shall notify

Transferring Customer if such Receiving Customer notice has

not been received by Pipeline within 24 hours of Pipeline's

receipt of Transferring Customer's inventory transfer

request. Such transfers of Minimum Turnover obligation

will increase the Receiving Customer's and decrease the

Transferring Customer's obligation by the amount specified,

but shall not impact the responsibilities of any other



(4) As a result of the transfer of storage inventory under this

Section 34, and until the end of the Winter Period in which

the transfer occurs, Transferring Customer and any

Receiving Customers shall be entitled to no greater

withdrawal entitlement in the aggregate than they would

have had absent the transfer.