Dominion Transmission, Inc.

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/01/2001, Docket: RP00-344-001, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 1166 First Revised Sheet No. 1166 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 1166



Electronic Bulletin Board


D. System Alerts. Pipeline may issue a "System

Alert" to notify Customers of operating conditions on

its system, changes in operating conditions and other

system developments that may affect scheduling. A

System Alert is an informal notice of possible future

conditions or developing conditions on the system; by

itself, a System Alert does not change any Customer's

penalty position. To the extent that reliable

information relevant to possible issuance of an OFO or

other status of the system is available, DTI will

publish it on the EBB. Pipeline shall also e-mail

notice of the System Alert to affected Customers if

they have designated an e-mail address for a contact

person pursuant to section 11B.4.F of the General

Terms and Conditions. If a System Alert indicates

that an OFO or OFO advisory may be imminent, Pipeline

will advise what action is requested and what future

actions may be mandated if voluntary steps are not

taken. Under such circumstances, Customers are asked

to comply as quickly as possible with the System

Alert, to reduce the need for further action by

Pipeline. Customers should be prepared to act on

short notice. System Alerts may be directed to all

Customers, or to specific Customers on a not unduly

discriminatory basis. By issuing a System Alert,

Pipeline shall not be precluded from issuing an OFO

advisory or an OFO, if circumstances ultimately

require. The System Alert is intended to give

Customers the opportunity for voluntary compliance,

rather than requiring mandatory action under the OFO

provisions of this tariff.


E. Operational Flow Orders. Pipeline shall post each

operational flow order ("OFO") issued by Pipeline, as

more fully described in Section 11B.1, above,

regardless of the duration or scope of its

effectiveness; provided, however, that certain OFOs

applicable on a customer-specific basis shall be

directly communicated to the Affected Customer by e-

mail or fax. System-wide notices should have a

separate category for notices that are not critical.


F. Curtailment.


1. Pipeline may issue OFO's to curtail, interrupt or

discontinue deliveries within three hours, or upon

shorter notice if Pipeline determines that action

is required to protect the integrity of its system

and operations.


2. Customers who seek to negotiate voluntary

relinquishments of gas or capacity during curtailment

may post notices on Pipeline's EBB to facilitate

such transactions.


G. Operations Notices. Pipeline shall also post notice of

various operating circumstances and events on its EBB.

1. From time to time, Pipeline may post information on various

facilities, including outages scheduled for maintenance.

2. Notice of operating constraints preventing winter


3. Notice of Receipt Points where Winter Period injection may

be made.