Dominion Transmission, Inc.

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/23/2000, Docket: RP00-555-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 1135 Original Sheet No. 1135 : Effective




Miscellaneous Conditions




19.1 Upon request by Pipeline, Customer shall submit estimates

to Pipeline of the average daily, peak-day, monthly, and

annual quantities to be transported and stored under the

Rate Schedules in this Tariff by Delivery and Receipt

Points and such other operating data as Pipeline may

require in order to plan its operations, to meet its

requirements, to respond to force majeure and to render

reliable service to its customers.

19.2 If Customer fails to comply with any provisions of this

Tariff, Pipeline, upon notice to Customer, may refuse to

accept gas from Customer and/or may refuse to deliver gas

to Customer, until Customer has fully complied with the

terms of this Tariff.

19.3 Pipeline may, at its sole discretion, waive any rate,

penalty, charge, or other term contained in this Tariff,

provided that such waiver is not unduly discriminatory, and

provided further that such waiver will not impede

Pipeline's performance of its firm service obligations.