Dominion Transmission, Inc.

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/23/2000, Docket: RP00-555-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 1129 Original Sheet No. 1129 : Effective





Transition Cost Adjustments



period shall be 36 months unless the total balances in

Account No. 191 and the subaccount of Account No. 186

exceed $200 million on the date before implementation,

in which case that part of the balance in excess of

$200 million shall be separately billed and amortized

concurrently over a period of no more than 60 months.


D. Account No. 191. Pipeline shall be permitted to

continue to record adjustments to its Account No. 191

for no more than eighteen months after termination of

its purchased gas adjustment clause, and to collect

such amounts through the direct bill mechanism of this

Section 18.1. Entries shall be made solely for these

purposes: (1) to record under- and over-recoveries of

purchased gas costs attributable to services rendered

prior to implementation of the restructuring plan

filed in Docket No. RS92-14, (2) record under-

recoveries of costs attributable to gas purchase

contracts with any pipeline suppliers until such

contracts are assigned to Pipeline's Customers

pursuant to the terms of Order No. 636, (3) record all

out-of-period adjustments to gas purchases made prior

to the termination of the purchased gas cost

adjustment clause, (4) record all refunds of purchased

gas costs received by Pipeline attributable to

services rendered prior to implementation of the

restructuring plan filed in Docket No. RS92-14, (5)

record the dollar value of the sales portion of the

Unrecovered Fuel Reimbursement Balance at the time of

termination of Pipeline's previously effective fuel

adjustment provision, (6) record all carrying costs,

and (7) make and record all entries required by this

Section 18.1 including the recording of amounts

received by Pipeline as a result of the direct bill.

Pipeline will file with the Commission and provide its

Customers a report and workpapers detailing all

adjustments made under this Section by September 1,

1995, and Customers shall have 45 days to review such

report and workpapers and file comments with the

Commission. Customers have the right to challenge

each addition to the Account No. 191 balance added

during the 18-month period, as provided for in Article

XIII, Paragraph B.3., of the March 31, 1993,

Stipulation and Agreement in Docket No. RS92-14.

Pipeline will be permitted to accrue carrying charges

on its Account No. 191 balance before and after