Dominion Transmission, Inc.

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 01/01/2002, Docket: RP02- 57-000, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 1126 Second Revised Sheet No. 1126 : Effective

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 1126



Electric Power Cost Adjustment


C. carrying charges on the prior month's ending

balance calculated in accordance with the

procedures of Section 33 of the General Terms and



Entries in the Unrecovered EPC Reimbursement Subaccount

shall be allocated between transportation and storage

services consistent with the functional cost allocations

underlying Pipeline's base rates.


17.6 EPC Reimbursement Cost Recovery. In its annual EPCA filing,

Pipeline shall calculate an EPCA Surcharge to amortize the

balance in its Unrecovered EPC Reimbursement Subaccount of

Account No. 186 as of June 30 of each year, as may be adjusted

pursuant to Section 17.7, below, over the Rate Determinants

of the Applicable Rate Schedules.


17.7 Relationship to System Gas Requirements. If, during the term of

the RP00-632 Settlement, Pipeline seeks to recover the cost of

more than 90.5 million kWh of electric power requirements in any

annual period ending June 30, then Pipeline shall provide

sufficient additional information in its annual EPCA filing to

allow the Commission and other interested parties to determine

if the increase is related to a decrease in proportionate reliance

upon natural gas for system use. In any annual EPCA filing where

Pipeline is required to provide such additional information,

Pipeline shall include in its filing: (a) electric power

requirements, System Gas Requirements and system throughput

information, on a monthly basis, for the twenty-four month

period ending on the same June 30 as the annual period

covered by the EPCA filing; (b) electric power and natural

gas use for compression on a compressor station-specific basis,

by month for the same twenty-four month period; (c) an

identification of all new compressors constructed and operated

during the twenty-four month period; (d) an identification of

material environmental orders, requirements, or conditions

affecting DTI's operation of gas compression and (e) the same

System Gas Requirements information provided in Pipeline's

annual filings as provided in Section 16.5 of these General

Terms. If the increase in electric requirements is related

to a decrease in proportionate reliance upon natural gas for

system use, Pipeline shall make an appropriate adjustment to its

EPCA to account for any such disproportionate change.


17.8 Phase-Out Provision. If at any time, all or a portion of

this Section 17 is rescinded, terminated or eliminated by

Pipeline or a third party for any reason, Pipeline shall be

entitled to file and place into effect substitute tariff

provisions for the recovery of electric power costs on a

current basis. Pipeline shall direct bill or refund, on a

pro-rata basis, the remaining balance in the Unrecovered EPC

Reimbursement Subaccount based on the billing determinants

used in Pipeline's most recent EPCA filing.