Dominion Transmission, Inc.

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 02/03/2006, Docket: RP00-632-031, Status: Effective

Sub Third Revised Sheet No. 1120 Sub Third Revised Sheet No. 1120

Superseding: Second Revised Sheet No. 1120



Fuel Retention Percentages


16.5 In the event Pipeline does not initiate its next general

Section 4 rate change filing subsequent to Docket

No. RP97-406 before June 30, 2003, then Pipeline shall

file with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

an informational filing on June 30, 2003, that details

the pipeline's System Gas Requirements and gas retained

and otherwise obtained for the twelve-month period ending

March 31, 2003. The report shall contain the following

information by month, as applicable: (1) the volume of

fuel purchased; (2) the cost of fuel; (3) the source from

which Pipeline purchased the fuel; (4) the amount of fuel

retained by service; (5) actual fuel usage by function and

station; and (6) information detailing any adjustments made

to inventory related to storage gas losses;(7) the fuel

requirements of each third-party pipeline transporter;

(8) the month-end balance in Account No. 117.4 attributable

to Non-Purchased Supply in the same format provided in DTI's

Annual TCRA filing made in Docket No. RP00-632;(9) System

Lost and Unaccounted For Gas broken out by month and

function;(10) aggregate customer storage inventory, by

month, and physical storage inventory levels, by month; (11)

aggregate injections and withdrawals, by month and broken

out by customer activity and physical activity; (12) monthly

values used for storage valuation purposes pursuant to the

Valuation Method; (13) monthly balances in system gas

accounts (as provided annually in FERC Form 2); (14)

cumulative MCS parks and loans, by month; (15) monthly

breakdown of a) exchange imbalance volumes, b)transportation

imbalance volumes, and c)net storage volumes and (16)

throughput and billing determinant information, by month,

with an explanation of any billing determinant changes. The

data to be included in the report shall include amounts for

the Pipeline's transmission, storage, gathering and products

extraction Functions. Pipeline shall make a filing each

June 30 that sets forth the same information for

subsequent years until it initiates its next general

Section 4 rate case filing after Docket No. RP97-406.