Dominion Transmission, Inc.

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 02/13/2006, Docket: RP06-174-000, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 653 Second Revised Sheet No. 653 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 653


Delivery Point Operator Service



5.1 The quantities of natural gas that may be taken by the DPO on a

no-notice basis at the Citygate Delivery Point shall be limited

to those quantities otherwise available under the Subject Service

Agreements,less any quantities of service that have been released

to others or nominated for delivery to Secondary Delivery Points.

This quantity shall be defined as the "Maximum No-Notice Quantity."

5.2 During any 24-hour period in which the operational flow order

described in Section 9.5.A of Rate Schedule FTNN is in effect, the

maximum quantity of gas that the DPO may take at the Citygate

Delivery Point in any period within a Day (Hourly Entitlement)

shall equal the sum of (1) the hourly entitlements of services

that have been scheduled for delivery at the Citygate Delivery

Point other than services provided under the Subject Service

Agreements, plus (2) the combined hourly entitlements of the

DPO and all participating CSCs which shall be calculated by

adding the MDTQs of the Subject Service Agreements with primary

point entitlements at the Citygate Delivery Point on that Day

and multiplying that sum by the following factors:

1. 120% of 1/24th in any one hour

2. 115.7% of 3/24th in any three consecutive hours;

3. 112.6% of 5/24th in any five consecutive hours;

4. 104.2% of 12/24ths in any twelve consecutive hours.

5.3 To the extent that a DPO exceeds its Hourly Entitlement

on any Day when Pipeline has issued an operational flow

order pursuant to Section 9.5.A. of Rate Schedule FTNN,

then Pipeline shall assess and the DPO shall pay a

penalty per Dt equal to the higher of $25 or three times

the Penalty Index Price applicable to the largest

quantity overrun in any one of the four periods defined

in Section 5.2, above, provided however, that if DPO is

assessed a excess hourly flow penalty under any other

of Pipeline's Rate Schedules that is greater than that

assessed under this Rate Schedule, payment of such

higher penalty shall discharge the DPO's obligation to

pay the penalty under this Section 5.3.

5.4 The Hourly Entitlements established by this Rate Schedule

are designed to provide the DPO and CSC with hourly

flexibility within the established MDTQ of each of

Pipeline's shippers. These Hourly Entitlements shall not

Be interpreted to provide any shipper with a right to take

deliveries of gas in excess of its MDTQ on any Day.



The DPO Agreement shall identify the Citygate Delivery

Point, which shall be the physical location(s) at which

the DPO may arrange for no-notice delivery of natural

gas, subject to adequate corresponding service entitlements

under the Subject Service Agreement(s).



7.1 The DPO shall maintain and provide to Pipeline a list

of the Citygate Swing Customers (CSCs) that have

qualified to participate in the DPO's retail access

program. Shippers other than CSCs may also deliver gas

to the Citygate Delivery Point; however, the DPO may

not attribute unnominated service swings by such

customers to Pipeline or CSCs hereunder. Pipeline

shall confirm with each identified CSC that it desires

to participate in the DPO program, and shall enter into

a CSC Agreement with each identified CSC, subject to

the requirements of Pipeline's Rate Schedule CSC.