Dominion Transmission, Inc.

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/23/2000, Docket: RP00-555-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 550 Original Sheet No. 550 : Effective





Title Transfer Tracking





1.1 This Rate Schedule is available to any person or entity

("Customer") for the purchase of Title Transfer Tracking

Service (or "TTT Service") from Dominion Transmission

, Inc. ("Pipeline"), where Pipeline and Customer have

entered into a Title Transfer Tracking Service Agreement

("TTT Agreement") that conforms to the form of Service

Agreement contained in this Tariff.


1.2 Title Transfer Tracking Service will be made available

pursuant to the scheduling provisions of Section 11A.4 of

the General Terms and Conditions of this Tariff, to any

Customer that is willing and able to pay either the maximum

rates hereunder or another rate to which Pipeline and

Customer mutually agree, in accordance with the General

Terms and Conditions. Pipeline is not required to provide

any requested TTT Service under this Rate Schedule for

which Pipeline determines that administrative capability is

not available, or that would interfere with Pipeline's

performance of its firm service obligations.




2.1 This Rate Schedule shall apply to quantities of natural gas

for which Pipeline performs Title Transfer Tracking Service

on behalf of Customer, under an executed TTT Agreement that

conforms to the form of Agreement contained in this Tariff.

TTT Service is an administrative service, under which

Pipeline provides Customer with logical locations

("Eligible Points") for nomination of title transfers on

Pipeline's system. Upon nomination by Customer, Pipeline

will account for the purchase or sale of a quantity of gas

at the Eligible Point as directed by Customer.