Dominion Transmission, Inc.

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/23/2000, Docket: RP00-555-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 217 Original Sheet No. 217 : Effective




Firm Transportation, No-Notice Service


A. Pipeline, in its sole reasonable discretion, on a

non-discriminatory basis, determines that capacity

exists for Pipeline to receive from and deliver such

quantities to Customer, for a charge equal to the

maximum rates applicable to Pipeline's interruptible

transportation service and agrees to receive and

deliver such quantities; and

B. Customer requests such receipts and deliveries no less

than 24 hours in advance for periods of up to 72

consecutive hours; and

C. Such receipts and deliveries would not disrupt

existing firm service, or existing interruptible

service scheduled and commenced by Pipeline; and

D. Such receipts and deliveries would not adversely

affect operations on Pipeline's system, as determined

by, and in the sole reasonable discretion of,

Pipeline; and

E. Customer nominates and tenders to Pipeline quantities

of gas equal to the quantities of gas delivered by

Pipeline to Customer.

11.3 Overruns Caused by Pipeline's Actions. Deliveries described

in Sections 11.1.A. and 11.1.B. above shall not be deemed

to be an overrun for purposes of Section 11 of this Rate

Schedule if:

A. Pipeline exercises complete and unrestricted control

through utilization of flow control devices over the

quantity delivered to Customer and Customer's receipts

of gas at the Delivery Point at which the overrun

occurred; and

B. Such excess deliveries were caused solely by

Pipeline's actions or omissions.

11.4 Determination of Unauthorized Transportation Overruns. An

unauthorized transportation overrun occurs when a

transportation Customer takes delivery of more

transportation gas than the allowed MDTQ under its

transportation Service Agreement and no other services are

available to compensate for the variation between nominated

and delivered quantities.



The General Terms and Conditions of Pipeline's effective

FERC Gas Tariff, and any revisions thereof that may be proposed

and made effective from time to time hereafter, to the extent not

inconsistent with the provisions of this Rate Schedule, shall

apply to and are made a part of this Rate Schedule.