Dominion Transmission, Inc.

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/01/2004, Docket: RP04-206-001, Status: Effective

Sub Second Revised Sheet No. 201 Sub Second Revised Sheet No. 201 : Effective

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 201


Firm Transportation, No-Notice Service


2.2 This Rate Schedule provides for firm transportation services which are

supplemented with a no-notice service feature that allows for physical

delivery variations from Customer's nominated services, within the

tolerances established at Section 9, below. The no-notice feature is

provided by adjusting Customer's storage nominations and corresponding

transportation service out of storage, pursuant to Section 8, below

(FTNN-GSS), with the same prior notice to Pipeline as is required by

Customer's Transporter, if any. Pipeline shall have authority to make

withdrawals from storage as necessary to effect no-notice deliveries to

that Customer.


2.3 Pipeline provides daily deliveries to Customer on a no notice basis

under this Rate Schedule, only up to Customer's GSS withdrawal

entitlements, plus any applicable "From Customer's Balance" quantities.




3.1 The executed Service Agreement shall specify an MDTQ (Maximum Daily

Transportation Quantity) and MATQ (Maximum Annual Transportation

Quantity), as defined in Section 1.2 of the General Terms and Conditions

of this Tariff. Customer's MDTQ shall be a uniform quantity throughout

the contract year, except that Pipeline may, on a not unduly

discriminatory basis, agree to certain differing levels in Customer's

MDTQ during specified periods during the year. Customer's MDTQ and any

differing levels in MDTQ, as well as the period of such differing MDTQ

levels, shall be specified in the executed service agreement. Pipeline

shall also receive, at the Receipt Point(s), an amount for fuel



3.2 To the extent Pipeline and Customer mutually agree to a) service under

this Rate Schedule at the applicable maximum rates with varying levels

in MDTQ for a term of twelve or more consecutive months at a MDTQ

greater than zero or b) service under Section 8 of this Rate Schedule at

the applicable maximum rates with a multi-year term, then such Customer

upon expiration of an eligible Service Agreement may elect to continue

receiving such transportation service in whole or in part, provided

however, partial reductions must be a uniform percentage reduction

throughout each month of the contract year or as mutually agreed by

Pipeline and Customer on a non-discriminatory basis. To exercise this

right of first refusal, Customer must comply with the provisions of

Section 24.2 of the General Terms and Conditions of this Tariff.




Unless Pipeline and Customer agree otherwise, the rates and charges

under this Rate Schedule shall include all applicable rates and charges

set forth on the currently effective Sheet Nos. 32-99 of this Tariff and

those rates and charges are hereby expressly incorporated in this Rate





5.1 For service under this Rate Schedule, unless Pipeline and Customer agree

otherwise, Customer shall pay Pipeline monthly the following: