Columbia Gulf Transmission Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/09/2010, Docket: RP10-592-000, Status: Effective

Fifth Revised Sheet No. 167 Fifth Revised Sheet No. 167

Superseding: Fourth Revised Sheet No. 167




(b) Transporter may enter into OBAs under which Differences are balanced between

Transporter and another interstate pipeline or other entity. In such event, no Differences shall be allocated

to any Shipper at the receipt or delivery points covered by the OBA. If an interstate pipeline or other entity

charges Transporter for differences in the OBA, however characterized, Transporter shall charge such interstate

pipeline or other entity an equivalent or offsetting charge. If Transporter is unable to charge or collect such

equivalent and offsetting charges for such difference, Transporter, on an as billed basis, shall allocate and

bill such charges to Shippers responsible for the imbalance at the point of interconnection at which the

Difference giving rise to the charges occurred. Where an OBA exists between interconnecting parties, a PDA is

not necessary.


(c) Changes to a PDA may be made prospectively during the Month. Only one PDA may be

submitted per Allocation Period. Transporter may, in its reasonable discretion, make retroactive reallocations

of transactions to correct for errors. Otherwise, no retroactive reallocations of any transactions shall be

permitted without the approval of Transporter and the agreement of those Shippers with Service Agreements

affected by such retroactive reallocations, provided that the agreement by such affected Shippers shall not be

unreasonably withheld.


(d) PDAs shall remain in effect until a replacement PDA is received; provided, however,

PDA's shall be updated at the beginning of each month. A new allocation detail may be needed when a nomination



(e) If the PDA is provided using EDI, Transporter shall respond with an EDI PDA Quick

Response confirmation indicating receipt of the PDA within 15 minutes and whether there are any errors

associated with the PDA.


8.4 (a) Prior Period Adjustments. Except for minor variations as agreed to by all affected Parties,

prior period measurement adjustments will be taken back to the production month and reflected as such on

invoices, imbalance statements and allocation statements. Missing or late measurement data shall be estimated

and actuals will be treated as a prior period adjustment, with the measuring party to provide the estimate.

Measurement corrections shall be processed within six (6) months of the end of the production month, with a

three (3) month rebuttal period. This provision does not apply in cases of deliberate omission, or

misrepresentation, or mutual mistake of fact. No Party's other statutory or contractual rights are diminished

by this provision.


(b) Disputed Allocations. Disputed allocations shall be communicated to Transporter within six

(6) months of the initial month-end allocation, with a three (3) month rebuttal period. This time limitation

shall not apply in the case of deliberate omission or misrepresentation, or mutual mistake of fact. No Party's

other statutory or contractual rights are diminished by this provision.


8.5 For operational monitoring at electronically measured locations, allocated quantities shall be

available one business day after the gas has flowed at the end of the Gas Day. The scheduled quantity shall be

made available at locations which are not measured electronically. Transporter shall provide allocation

statements to the appropriate party for the meters it operates each month based on a measurement closing date of

the fifth business day after the business month. Where actual quantities are not available, quantities shall be