Columbia Gas Transmission LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/03/2009, Docket: RP09-340-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 534 Original Sheet No. 534


[For FBS Rate Schedule]


Revision No. _________


Control No. __________



Appendix A to Service Agreement No. ____________

Under Rate Schedule FBS

between Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC (Transporter)

and _______________________________________ (Shipper)






Storage Contract Quantity (SCQ) ____________ Dth


Maximum Daily Storage Quantity* (MDSQ) ____________ Dth per day


Maximum Daily Injection Quantity (MDIQ) _____________ Dth per day


From ____________ To ____________


Maximum Daily Withdrawal Quantity (MDWQ) ____________ Dth per day


From ____________ To ____________




___ Yes ___ No (Check applicable blank) This Service Agreement covers interim capacity sold pursuant to the

provisions of General Terms and Conditions Section 4.2(j). Right of first refusal rights, if any, applicable to

this interim capacity are limited as provided for in General Terms and Conditions Section 4.2(j).



* The Maximum Daily Storage Quantity shall equal the average of the total MDIQ and MDWQ Dth quantities.










Service changes pursuant to this Appendix A shall commence as of ____________, 20___. This Appendix A shall

cancel and supersede the previous Appendix A to the Service Agreement dated ________________, 20___. With the

exception of this Appendix A, all other terms and conditions of said Service Agreement shall remain in full

force and effect.





By_________________________________ By_____________________________________


Its________________________________ Its____________________________________


Date_______________________________ Date___________________________________