Columbia Gas Transmission LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/03/2009, Docket: RP09-340-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 376 Original Sheet No. 376




(h) Essential Industrial Process and Feedstock Uses - Any use which falls within the definition of

"essential industrial process and feedstock uses" prescribed by the Secretary of Energy pursuant to NGPA

Section 402.


(i) Feedstock and Process Gas Uses - Feedstock gas and process gas uses as defined in 18 CFR Section



(j) Boiler Fuel and Power Generation - Service to facilities for fuel used in the generation of steam

or electricity, including the utilization of gas turbines for the generation of electricity.


(k) Plant Protection Uses - Minimum volumes required to prevent physical harm to the plant facilities

or danger to plant personnel when such protection cannot be afforded through the use of an alternate fuel.

This includes the protection of such material in process as would otherwise be destroyed, but shall not

include deliveries required to maintain plant production. For the purposes of this definition propane and

other gaseous fuels shall not be considered alternate fuels.


32.3 Determination of Authorized Quantity.


(a) The total quantity of gas available to Transporter for delivery to all Shippers under

Transporter's firm sales Rate Schedules for each Winter Season and each Summer Season, or any portion of

either season, shall be allocated among said Shippers on the basis of the priorities of service underlying

their ASQs, beginning with Priority 1 and continuing until the priority which cannot be fully served is

reached. The remainder of the quantity of gas available to Transporter shall then be allocated among said

Shippers by providing each Shipper with its proportionate share of the quantity of gas available for the

priority which cannot be fully served. The total quantity of gas allocated to each Shipper pursuant to the

foregoing procedure shall constitute Shipper's Authorized Quantity. The Authorized Quantities determined in

accordance with the foregoing procedure may be redetermined for all Shippers whenever and to the extent deemed

necessary and appropriate in Transporter's reasonable discretion. The Authorized Quantity shall never exceed

a Shipper's ASQ on an annual basis, or Shipper's contractual monthly or seasonal entitlement (if any) during

such month or season. In addition, a Shipper's Authorized Quantity may not exceed the quantities which

Shipper could take if it used its full Total Firm Entitlement for the remainder of the curtailment period.


(b) In the event it becomes necessary for Transporter to implement seasonal curtailment and determine

Authorized Quantities for a curtailment period consisting of less than a full Winter Season or a full Summer

Season, the monthly quantities underlying each Shipper's ASQ, as set forth in the Index of Firm Sales

Entitlements, or the applicable portion of said monthly quantities, shall be utilized to determine Shipper's

Authorized Quantity for the designated curtailment period. The foregoing procedure also shall be utilized if

it becomes necessary for Transporter to redetermine Shipper's Authorized Quantities for the remainder of a

previously designated curtailment period.


32.4 Daily Curtailment.


(a) If, in Transporter's reasonable judgment, the total quantity of gas available to it on any given

day from all sources is insufficient to deliver the Daily Sales Demand or other specified daily entitlements

level (collectively "daily entitlements") of all Shippers under Transporter's firm sales services, to meet

Transporter's company-use and unaccounted-for gas requirements, and, if necessary, to inject the required

quantities of gas into Transporter's underground storage fields to meet system requirements, then Transporter

shall not deliver the daily entitlements of applicable Shippers, and shall deliver gas pursuant to the

provisions of this