Columbia Gas Transmission LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/03/2009, Docket: RP09-340-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 375 Original Sheet No. 375




(e) All quantities of gas taken by Shipper in excess of its Authorized Quantity shall be subject to

the penalty for violation of an Operational Flow Order as set forth in Section 19.3 of the General Terms and



(f) If and when Transporter foresees the need to implement seasonal curtailment pursuant to this

Section 32.1, the then-effective ASQs of all Shippers under Transporter's firm sales Rate Schedules shall not

be increased, at which point no further reclassification of end uses shall be permitted except as required by

Subpart B of Part 281 of the Commission's Regulations. The ASQs shall not be increased until the end of a

curtailment period. Transporter shall promptly notify all Shippers via Electonic Notice Delivery if and when

it foresees the need to implement seasonal curtailment.


32.2 Definitions for Priorities of Service. The following definitions shall be utilized in assigning specific

end uses to the priorities of service set forth in Subsection 32.1(b) above:


(a) Residential - Service to shippers that utilize gas directly in a residential dwelling for purposes

such as space heating, air conditioning, water heating, cooking, clothes drying and other residential uses.

Also included are apartment buildings and multi-unit dwellings where such uses constitute 50% or more of the

total gas usage.


(b) Commercial - Service to shippers engaged primarily in the sale of goods or services, including

institutions and local, state and federal government agencies, for uses other than those involving

manufacturing or electric power generation.


(c) Other High Priority - Service to schools, hospitals and similar institutions, including police

protection, fire protection, sanitation and correctional facilities.


(d) School - Any facility, the primary function of which is to provide instruction to regularly

enrolled students in attendance at such facility. Facilities used for both educational and non-educational

activities are not included under this definition unless the latter activities are merely incidental to the

primary function of providing instruction.


(e) Hospital - Any facility, the primary function of which is providing medical care to patients who

remain at the facility, including nursing and convalescent homes. Outpatient clinics and doctor offices are

not included in this definition.


(f) Police Protection, Fire Protection, Sanitation or Correctional Facility - Any facility, the

primary function of which is to provide the above services, but only if the gas used for such services, either

singly or in combination, constitutes 50% or more of the total gas usage.


(g) Essential Agricultural Uses - Any use of natural gas which has been certified in 7 CFR Section

2900, et seq., by the Secretary of Agriculture as an "essential agricultural use" under Section 401(b) of the

Natural Gas Policy Act of 1978 unless the Commission, in consultation with the Secretary of Agriculture,

determines, by rule or order, that the use of an alternative fuel is economically practicable and reasonably

available. The definition of "alternate fuel" shall be that stated in Section 281.303(b) of the Commission's

Regulations, as amended from time to time. Peak day quantities shall be based on current requirements unless

such quantities exceed contract or certificate limitations.