Columbia Gas Transmission LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/03/2009, Docket: RP09-340-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 352 Original Sheet No. 352




19.8 Critical Day Requirement for Penalties.


A "Critical Day" for transportation and/or storage will be declared by Transporter whenever

Transporter, in Transporter's reasonable discretion, determines (based on criteria such as weather forecasts,

line pack, storage conditions, pipeline pressures, horsepower availability, system supply and demand, and

other operational circumstances) that operating conditions are such that Transporter faces a threat to its

system integrity and/or to Transporter's ability to meet its firm service obligations. With the exception of

(1) failure to interrupt penalties imposed pursuant to Sections 16 and 19 of the General Terms And Conditions

and/or the failure to interrupt provisions of individual rate schedules, (2) OFO penalties imposed pursuant to

the provisions of Sections 17 and 19 of the General Terms And Conditions and/or the OFO provisions of

individual rate schedules, and (3) Daily Delivery Point Scheduling Penalties imposed pursuant to Section 19.5

of the General Terms and Conditions, Transporter will not impose penalties under this Section 19 and under any

rate schedule unless a Critical Day, as defined above, has been declared and is in effect on Transporter's

system. For penalties ascribed for conduct that occurs over a monthly as opposed to a daily period of time,

these monthly penalties will be imposed only if Transporter has declared a Critical Day on any day occurring

in that monthly period.


Except for force majeure events and/or events or conditions which threaten the integrity of

Transporter's system or Transporter's ability to meet its firm service obligations, Transporter will notify

Shippers at least 24 hours in advance on its Internet EBB (1) the effective dates of the Critical Day; (2) the

type of penalties that will be applicable during the Critical Day period; and (3) to the extent applicable,

the Market Areas where penalties will be applied. If due to declaration of a Critical Day, a monthly penalty

becomes applicable, Transporter will notify Shippers by posting on its Internet EBB notice that the monthly

penalty is applicable. Within two weeks of a Critical Day event, Transporter will post information on its EBB

describing the events leading up to the declaration of the Critical Day.


19.9 No Imposition of Multiple Penalties


Transporter will not impose on a Shipper both OFO or failure to interrupt service penalties pursuant to

Sections 17 and 19 of the General Terms and Conditions and Critical Day penalties for the same infraction.




(a) Transporter anticipates that Critical Day penalties will be implemented to impose system

discipline to ensure Transporter's ability to meet its firm service obligations. To the extent Critical Day

penalties are no longer imposing system discipline, such that Transporter's firm service obligations are being

threatened, Transporter can implement an OFO to alleviate conditions threatening the integrity of

Transporter's system. Transporter can also implement an OFO to deal with sudden, unexpected and catastrophic

events on its system.


(b) When reasonably feasible, Transporter will post notices on its EBB advising that if Shippers

take certain specific actions, Transporter may be able to avoid the issuance of a Critical Day, or minimize

the sequential issuance of Critical Days.