Columbia Gas Transmission LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/03/2009, Docket: RP09-340-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 342 Original Sheet No. 342






17.1 In General.


(a) Transporter, in its reasonable discretion, shall have the right to issue Operational Flow

Orders (OFO) as specified in this Section upon determination by Transporter that action is required in order

to alleviate conditions which threaten the integrity of Transporter's system, to maintain pipeline operations

at the pressures required to provide reliable firm services, to have adequate supplies in the system to

deliver on demand (including injection of gas into the mainline, providing line pack, and injecting gas into

storage at the right place and time), to maintain and protect the integrity and performance capability of

Transporter's storage fields, to maintain firm service to all Shippers and for all firm services, and to

maintain the system in balance for the foregoing purposes. To the extent feasible, Transporter shall attempt

to direct such OFOs to those Shippers causing the condition that necessitates issuance of the OFO.


(b) Each OFO shall contain the following information:


(1) Time and date of issuance;


(2) Time that OFO is effective;


(3) Duration of OFO (If none specified, the Operational Flow Order will remain in effect

until further notice)


(4) The Shipper(s) or class of Shippers affected;


(5) The action that Shipper(s) must take;


(6) The reason or justification for issuing the Operational Flow Order; and


(7) Any other information which may be required by the terms of this Tariff.


(c) Except for Force Majeure events, events or conditions which threaten the integrity of

Transporter's system, or as specified in Section 17.2(a), Transporter will give at least 24 hours general

advance notice of an OFO by posting on the Electronic Bulletin Board the conditions that may jeopardize the

system or affect Transporter's ability to meet its firm service obligations. Transporter reserves the right

to issue an Operational Flow Order to be effective upon less than 24 hours notice if necessary to protect the

integrity of its system. If Transporter issues an Operational Flow Order without providing such 24 hours

notice, except for those Operational Flow Orders issued pursuant to Section 17.2(a), Transporter shall post on

its Electronic Bulletin Board and send to the Commission a detailed explanation containing information

specific to that individual situation to justify the issuance of the Operational Flow Order.


(d) In addition to the 24-hour notice requirement of Section 17.1(c) above, Transporter shall post,

giving as much advance warning as is reasonably possible, information regarding the operational variables

that give, or will in the future give, rise to issuance of an OFO and Transporter will provide updates

regarding the expected duration of an OFO based on those operational variables. In addition, and within a

reasonable period of time following termination of an OFO. Transporter shall post on its EBB a report

detailing the factors requiring the issuance and the termination of an OFO.