Columbia Gas Transmission LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/03/2009, Docket: RP09-340-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 338 Original Sheet No. 338




(c) A Shipper that fails to interrupt its interruptible service as directed by Transporter shall be

subject to penalties as set forth at Section 19 (Penalties) of the General Terms and Conditions.


16.3 Notice of Interruptions. Transporter reserves the right to interrupt services under any of its

Rate Schedules at any time during any Day and shall give as much notice of such interruptions as is

practicable. When possible, Transporter shall announce interruptions at 3:00 p.m. on the Day preceding the

planned interruption. Transporter shall notify electronically each Shipper whose service is interrupted and

shall post interruptions on its Electronic Bulletin Board (EBB). Direct interconnect parties shall also

receive notice of interruptions from Transporter's Gas Controllers by Electronic Notice Delivery (or via

telephone); provided that such direct interconnect parties have, as required, made available a

representative to maintain 24-hour contact with Transporter to receive such notices. Such a representative

shall have the requisite authority and capability to make any adjustments required as a result of

Transporter's notice of interruption. In the event of any conflicting communications, notices from

Transporter's Gas Controllers shall control. In the event of interruption, Shippers shall only be entitled

to receive such services as Transporter can provide under Transporter's applicable Rate Schedules.

Electronic Notice Delivery shall be according to the following provisions:


(a) Transporter should provide affected parties with notification of intraday bumps, operational

flow orders and other critical notices through the affected party's choice of Electronic Notice Delivery



(b) Unless the affected party and Transporter have agreed to exclusive notification via EDI/EDM,

the affected party should provide Transporter with at least one Internet E-mail address to be used for

Electronic Notice Delivery of intraday bumps, operational flow orders and other critical notices. The

obligation of Transporter to provide notification is waived until the above requirement has been met.


(c) Transporter should support the concurrent sending of electronic notification of intraday bumps,

operational flow orders and other critical notices to two Internet E-mail addresses for each affected party.



16.4 Service Priorities.


(a) Transportation Services. The provisions of this paragraph (a) shall apply to Transporter's

FTS, NTS, NTS-S, TPS, SST, GTS, OPT, ITS, AS, IPP and PAL Rate Schedules and all Service Agreements with

Shippers thereunder, and firm and interruptible X-Rate Schedules set forth in Volume No. 2 of this Tariff.

In the event capacity is not available to continue the receipt, transportation or delivery of all Shippers'

gas which has been scheduled and is flowing on Transporter's transmission system, Transporter, in the

capacity constrained area shall (i) interrupt capacity sequentially among the Rate Schedule priority

groupings set forth below, and (ii) interrupt within those Rate Schedule priority groupings in the order and

manner set forth below until the necessary level of interruption is achieved:



(1) Quantities under Transporter's PAL Rate Schedule, pro rata on the basis of Shipper's

scheduled parking or lending quantity;



(2) Quantities under Transporter's ITS, AS, and IPP Rate Schedules, overrun quantities in

excess of a Shipper's Transportation Demand under Transporter's FTS, NTS, NTS-S, TPS, SST and GTS Rate

Schedules, and quantities under interruptible services set forth at Volume No. 2 of this Tariff,

beginning with quantities attributable to Shippers paying the lowest price, and pro rata among Shippers

paying the same price;


(3) Quantities at secondary receipt or delivery points under Transporter's OPT Rate

Schedule, pro rata on the basis of Shipper's Scheduled Daily Receipt or Delivery Quantity. Any

interruptions or other allocation reductions to Shipper's deliveries at secondary delivery points under

the OPT Rate Schedule shall not reduce Shipper's allowable days of interruption under that Rate