Columbia Gas Transmission LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/12/2009, Docket: RP09-294-002, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 331 First Revised Sheet No. 331

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 331




14.4 Evaluation of Bids and Assigning Service Rights.


(a) Transporter shall perform the evaluation of bids in accordance with the criteria specified in

the Release Notice and shall determine which, if any, bids to accept.


(b) In the absence of any such Releasor-developed alternative criteria to the contrary, as

specified in Releasor's Release Notice, bids shall be evaluated and rights to released capacity assigned by

Transporter in accordance with the bid evaluation criteria referenced at Section 14.1(c).


(c) For (1) capacity release transactions of more that one (1) year where Releasor has posted a

prepackaged arrangement at less than the maximum rate or (2) prepackaged arrangements for 31 days or less for

which the Releasor requests competitive bidding), the designated Replacement Shipper under that arrangement

will be awarded the capacity if, within the time limits specified in Section 14.3(h) immediately above, that

designated Replacement Shipper matches the competing bid(s) offering the highest economic value, as calculated

in accordance with the bid evaluation criteria set forth in Section 14.1(c) or in the Release Notice.


(d) Where highest bids of equal value are received for released capacity from more than one bidder,

not including a designated Replacement Shipper under a prepackaged arrangement, the capacity (i) shall be

assigned in accordance with any nondiscriminatory method for breaking ties established by Releasor in the

Release Notice, or (ii) shall, if Releasor does not establish a tie-breaking method, be assigned pro rata on

the basis of the respective quantities bid by the winning bidders. Bidders may specify in their bids the

minimum quantities they will accept. If a pro rata allocation would result in assignment of quantities below

a bidder's minimum quantity, any such bidder will not be assigned the capacity, and the total quantity

available for assignment will then be re-allocated among the remaining highest value bidders on a pro rata



(e) Transporter will not award capacity release offers to the Shipper until and unless the Shipper

meets Transporter's creditworthiness requirements applicable to all services that it receives from

Transporter, including the service represented by the capacity release.


(f) Transporter shall post on the EBB the winning bid and the identity of the winning bidder(s) in

accordance with the Capacity Release timeline under Section 14(c) above.


14.5 Assignment Agreements.


(a) For all transactions pursuant to this Section 14, Transporter shall electronically transmit an

Assignment Agreement upon receipt of Replacement Shipper's electronic confirmation reflecting the terms of the

Release Notice to Replacement Shipper in accordance with the Capacity Release timeline under Section 14(c)