Columbia Gas Transmission LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/03/2009, Docket: RP09-340-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 296 Original Sheet No. 296




6.6 Monitoring.


(a) Transporter may monitor: (i) the daily production by or on behalf of any Shipper; the daily

tenders of gas by or on behalf of any Shipper; (ii) the quantities delivered by an Intermediate Transporter

(such as a local distribution company or other entity that receives Shipper's gas from Transporter) to Shipper

or Shipper's end-user(s); and (iii) the daily usage of gas by Shipper or Shipper's end-user(s). Transporter

may do so for the purpose of monitoring on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis the quantities being

tendered to and delivered by Transporter and thereby to maintain, as nearly as possible, a concurrent balance

between receipts and deliveries of gas. The approximate quantities determined by Transporter in that

monitoring process shall be referred to herein as Monitored Quantities.


(b) Monitoring may be performed by Transporter using either the estimates or actual data received

by Transporter pursuant to this Section or actual meter readings by Transporter. Transporter may make

reasonable prospective adjustments to Shipper's Scheduled Daily Delivery Quantity and Scheduled Daily Receipt

Quantity based upon either the Monitored Quantities or the actual data received by Transporter pursuant to the

provisions of this Section. Any such adjustments by Transporter shall not result in Shipper's incurrence of

any penalty if Transporter, in making such adjustment, relied upon inaccurate estimates, inaccurate meter

readings, or inaccurate data received by Transporter pursuant to this Section. Transporter may make such

adjustments upon Electronic Notice Delivery or telephonic notice to Shipper 24 hours in advance of the

effective time of the adjustment (or, in the case of intra-day changes in nominations, upon reasonable notice

to the Shipper being bumped); provided, however, that Transporter need not provide any advance notice in the

event of adjustments resulting from: (i) interruptions of Shipper's service pursuant to Section 16

(Interruptions of Service) of the General Terms and Conditions; (ii) operational flow orders issued by

Transporter pursuant to Section 17 (Operational Flow Orders) of the General Terms and Conditions; or (iii) the

cessation of deliveries pursuant to Section 6.3(e). Transporter need not provide any advance notice of

interruptions or OFOs except as provided for in Sections 16 and 17, respectively. Transporter also shall have

the right to notify any entity described at paragraphs (c) and (d) of this Section of the revised Scheduled

Daily Receipt Quantities it will accept on behalf of Shipper.


(c) Transporter shall have the right to contact and obtain actual or estimated data regarding

production or tenders to Transporter on behalf of Shipper from any entity (i) from whom Shipper is purchasing

gas for tender to Transporter, or any other brokers or resellers of such gas; (ii) that is delivering or

causing the tender of gas to Transporter for Shipper's account; or (iii) that is producing gas ultimately

purchased by Shipper for tendering to Transporter. Shipper shall cause each such entity to provide such

actual or estimated data to Transporter upon request in the normal course of business as soon as such data is



(d) Shipper shall furnish to Transporter with its nominations a list, by receipt points, showing

the names and addresses of each entity identified in paragraph (c) above and the name and telephone number of

the contact person who will provide the data required to be furnished pursuant to paragraph (c) above.

Shipper's nominations shall also include (i) the identity of the shipper on any upstream or downstream

pipeline that will be tendering the gas directly to Transporter or taking gas from Transporter and the

shipper's contract number on such upstream pipeline or downstream pipeline, and (ii) the identity and gas

sales contract number of any producer that will be tendering the gas directly to Transporter. Such data shall

be furnished regardless of the entity from whom Shipper is purchasing the gas. A marketer, broker or other

similar entity selling gas or arranging the sale of gas to more than one Shipper may furnish such data to

Transporter on behalf of all such Shippers, segregated to each Shipper. Transporter reserves the right, in

appropriate circumstances on a non-discriminatory basis, to waive the information requirements set forth in

this paragraph.