Columbia Gas Transmission LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/03/2009, Docket: RP09-340-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 294 Original Sheet No. 294




(4) If there is no response to a request for confirmation or an unsolicited confirmation response,

Transporter shall provide Shipper with the Scheduled Quantities the following information to explain

why the nomination failed, as applicable:


(i) Transporter did not conduct the confirmation;


(ii) Upstream Confirming Party did not conduct the confirmation;


(iii) Upstream Service Requester did not have the gas or submit the nomination;


(iv) Downstream Confirming Party did not conduct the confirmation;


(v) Downstream Service Requester did not have the market or submit the nomination.


(e) When a Shipper has more than one receipt point or more than one delivery point, such Shipper

shall specify in its nomination the supply reduction priorities and delivery reduction priorities (Priority

Reduction List) to be utilized at the receipt points or delivery points in the event of a loss of volume at

the receipt points or delivery points.


(f) If only partial confirmations are received by Transporter from the upstream and downstream

entities delivering or receiving gas on behalf of Shipper, Shipper's nominations shall be reduced in

accordance with the priorities set forth on the priority reduction list furnished by Shipper with the



(g) If after Shipper's gas is confirmed, Transporter is notified that Shipper's gas is not

available, then Transporter may cease deliveries.


(h) The Explicit Confirmation process requires that the Confirming Party and Transporter respond to a

Request for Confirmation or initiate an unsolicited Confirmation Response. Absent mutual agreement to the

contrary, Explicit Confirmation is the default methodology.


(i) When a previously confirmed and scheduled quantity is altered, notification of such alteration

should be provided to all of the parties that are affected. Applicable notification(s) of such alterations

should be provided to the affected parties reasonably proximate in time to the time during which the event

causing the alteration was acted upon by Transporter. With respect to the implementation of this process via

the 1.4.X GISB standards, Transporter and the Confirming Party should send the applicable document(s) to the

applicable party(ies) no later than the next time they are slated to communicate confirmations or scheduled

quantities. The Confirming Party has an obligation to notify Transporter within the established GISB

deadlines when a previously confirmed and scheduled quantity is altered. Affected parties to be notified by

Transporter are:


(1) Confirming Party in a Confirmation Response (or unsolicited Confirmation Response as

applicable) document by Transporter;


(2) Confirming Party in a Request for Confirmation document by Transporter;


(3) Shipper in a Scheduled Quantity document by Transporter.