Columbia Gas Transmission LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/03/2009, Docket: RP09-340-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 274 Original Sheet No. 274




2.14 Cost of Electronic Bulletin Board.


(a) Cost of Equipment. Each party shall provide and be responsible for its own costs for the data

processing equipment it uses to send and receive electronic communications.


(b) Cost of EBB Services. Each party shall provide and be responsible for its own costs for

accessing the Internet.


(c) Cost of Unauthorized Transmission. Use of the receiving party's designated site is limited to

transactions permitted under this Tariff. No party may use another party's designated site for any other

purpose unless otherwise expressly authorized under separate written agreement between the parties, including

Transporter. If any party transmits to another party's designated site data not qualifying under this Tariff,

the transmitting party will be liable to reimburse the receiving party for any direct costs incurred as a

result of receiving any such unauthorized transmission.


2.15 Limitation on Access to Data. No party may obtain on its own initiative or otherwise any data from or

relating to the other party except as specifically identified in this Section. In the event any party

receives a transmission that the receiving party knows or should know is not directed to or intended for the

receiving party, the receiving party shall immediately notify the transmitting party of such transmission and

take such reasonable action as the transmitting party directs. In no event shall the receiving party utilize

such information to the detriment of the transmitting party or any other party, or otherwise convey the

substance of such transmission to any third party.


2.16 Security Breaches. Any Shipper or other party using the EBB agrees to notify Transporter promptly if

there is any indication that a security breach may have occurred with regard to any electronic data

interchange facilities or systems and to make any changes in passwords or other changes necessary to ensure

the continued integrity of the EBB system. A security breach shall include, but not be limited to (i) loss of

confidentiality of the other party's account name or account number for its designated site; (ii) termination

of employment of any employee authorized to effect EBB communications; and (iii) loss of authority to effect

EBB communications by any previously authorized employee. Transporter shall, to the extent possible,

accommodate requests by Shippers to limit the access of designated employees or representatives of Shipper to

designated portions of the EBB.


2.17 Responsibility for System Failure. Each EBB user shall bear the consequences of any failure in its own

EBB-related equipment or system, and no such failure shall in any way affect the requirements under

Transporter's Tariff or Service Agreements for communications, or the impact under the Tariff or Service

Agreements of any failure by either party to make or receive such communications. The standards of liability

applicable to the operation of the EBB equipment within Transporter's ownership and control shall be the same

standards as are applicable to Transporter's other equipment and operations.