Columbia Gas Transmission LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/03/2009, Docket: RP09-340-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 145 Original Sheet No. 145





(b) For all receipt points for Appalachian production the following procedures shall apply:


(i) Shipper shall provide Transporter through Transporter's EBB, at least 30 days in

advance, a list of meters at which service will be provided hereunder. Shipper and Transporter shall

agree in advance on the monthly production to be received by Transporter at each Appalachian receipt

point. The quantities agreed upon for each receipt point shall be used for purposes of allocation and

confirmation of supplies. Shipper shall cause the operators of such meters to submit written

confirmations to Transporter. Transporter may, on a nondiscriminatory basis, waive the 30-day notice

requirement set forth in this Section 3(b)(i).


(ii) Two days before the flow dates set forth on the following schedule Shipper shall

confirm with Transporter the sale and nomination for transportation of the minimum percentages of the

estimated Appalachian production set forth below:


Flow Date Percentage of Gas Sold

1st 25% (of quantity)

8th 50%

15th 75%

22nd 100%


(iii) If the requisite percentages of gas from Appalachian receipt points are not sold and

nominated for transportation by the flow dates specified, Transporter may (i) issue interruption or

operational flow orders to Shipper, and (ii) reduce supplies in accordance with Shippers' supply

reduction lists, as specified in Section 3(a)(ii) of this Rate Schedule.


(iv) At any receipt point or delivery point where gas is flowing to or from multiple

parties, Shipper shall provide to Transporter a Predetermined Allocation Methodology agreement in

accordance with the procedures set forth in Section 8 (Meter Allocations) of the General Terms and



(v) Shipper shall provide to Transporter through Transporter's EBB, at such times as may

be established by Transporter, the following information: the names of the shippers nominating gas

from Shipper's gas supply pools; the transportation contracts held by those shippers, identified by

Transporter's contract number; the quantities nominated by each shipper; a supply reduction list for

such quantities, and such other data as Transporter may deem necessary to render service.


(c) Pool-to-pool transfers by Shippers shall be permitted. Nominations for such transfers shall be

submitted in accordance with the nomination procedures set forth in Section 6 (Nominating, Scheduling, and

Monitoring) of the General Terms and Conditions. Transporter shall not unreasonably withhold approval of

pool-to-pool transfers.