Columbia Gas Transmission LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/03/2009, Docket: RP09-340-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 133 Original Sheet No. 133






(e) Transporter shall review all timely submitted bids that have not been rejected and shall award

service to the bidders submitting the highest valid Commodity Charge bid; provided that the winning bidders

have satisfied the requirements of Section 3 (Requests for Service) of the General Terms and Conditions. All

accepted bids between the Minimum Bid Rate and Maximum ISS Rate shall be deemed to be selective discounts and

shall be reported under any Commission regulations applicable to such selective discounts.


(f) On or before the 22nd day of the Month preceding the Month in which storage capacity under this

Rate Schedule will be available, Transporter shall notify electronically through Transporter's EBB all bidders

submitting timely bids of the status of their bid. The term of the ISS Service Agreement shall commence with

the first Day of the first Month reflected in the notice and end with the last Day of the following March.

The latter date shall be Shipper's Final Withdrawal Date. Transporter also shall post on the EBB the name of

the winning bidders and the rates and quantities of the winning bids.


(g) If bids of the same value are submitted by two or more bidders and the available storage

capacity is insufficient to satisfy the ISQ quantities requested, the available capacity shall be awarded and

allocated pro rata among those bidders, based upon ISQ quantities bid. Bidders awarded a pro rata allocation

may reject such pro rata allocation, by notice to Transporter within 24 hours after Transporter notifies

Bidder of such award. Otherwise, all capacity awarded to a Shipper hereunder must be accepted by Shipper.


(h) If any date in this section falls on a weekend or Transporter Holiday, such date shall be

deemed for purposes of this Section to be the next succeeding business Day.




(a) Shipper shall be responsible for arranging transportation of gas to the storage injection

point. Nominations designated for delivery to "ISS Storage" under those Rate Schedules shall be deemed to be

nominations for injections under this ISS Rate Schedule.


(b) Transporter shall not be obligated (i) on any Day to inject gas into storage for Shipper's

account in excess of Shipper's MDIQ, or (ii) in the aggregate to store more than Shipper's ISQ.