Columbia Gas Transmission LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/03/2009, Docket: RP09-340-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 121 Original Sheet No. 121





(d) At the close of the Bidding Period, Transporter shall allocate the capacity available under

this Rate Schedule based upon the respective bid rates received during the Bidding Period for that capacity,

and in accordance with the provisions of Section 7 (Capacity Allocation) of the General Terms and Conditions.

As soon as possible after Transporter allocates capacity, it shall notify winning Shippers electronically

through Transporter's EBB of the quantities awarded to Shippers at the rate bid. Transporter shall not

subsequently discount any winning bid rates. All bids accepted between the Minimum Bid Rate and the Maximum

ITS Rate shall be deemed to be selective discounts and shall be reported under any Commission regulations

applicable to such selective discounts.


(e) Transporter, on a daily basis during a Month, shall post a notice on its EBB setting forth the

interruptible capacity that it estimates is available. Shippers may submit bids for such capacity during the

Month together with their nominations for service (i.e., the quantity bid at each nominated point under the

provisions of Section 6 (Nominating, Scheduling and Monitoring) of the General Terms and Conditions). The

deadlines for bidding for such capacity shall be the same as the nomination deadlines specified in Section 6

(Nominating, Scheduling, and Monitoring) of the General Terms and Conditions. Multiple bids may be submitted

throughout the Month, and bids may be withdrawn at any time prior to the nomination deadline. Bids must

comply with Section 3(c) above.


(f) Those Shippers which have been awarded capacity may, subsequently during that Month, withdraw

their bids and their related nominations, or portions thereof, prior to the daily nomination deadlines

specified in Section 6 (Nominating, Scheduling, and Monitoring) of the General Terms and Conditions. In that

event, Transporter will cease transportation with respect to the withdrawn portion of the nomination.


(g) All capacity awarded to a Shipper hereunder must be accepted by Shipper.




(a) The unit rate charges to be paid by Shipper, as set forth in paragraph (b) below, shall be no

higher than the applicable total effective maximum rate charges and no lower than the applicable total

effective minimum rate charges set forth in the currently effective Sheet No. 28 of this Tariff, unless

otherwise mutually agreed to by Transporter and Shipper with respect to the charges identified in Section 4(b)