Columbia Gas Transmission LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/03/2009, Docket: RP09-340-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 105 Original Sheet No. 105





(c) The charges and surcharges described above are subject to adjustment in accordance with the

procedures set forth in the General Terms and Conditions.


(d) The Reservation Charge shall apply as of the date service is deemed to commence by the terms of

Shipper's NTS Service Agreement.


(e) In addition to collecting the applicable charges and surcharges, Transporter shall retain from

the gas tendered for transportation, including quantities tendered for replenishment of GSQ Draws, the

effective Transportation Retainage Percentage set forth in the currently effective Sheet No. 44 of this

Tariff, unless otherwise negotiated by Transporter and Shipper, and specified in Shipper's NTS Service

Agreement. That Transportation Retainage Percentage shall be subject to adjustment in accordance with Section

35 (Retainage Adjustment Mechanism) of the General Terms and Conditions. Transporter shall not assess

Transportation Retainage on GSQ Draws.




(a) The penalties set forth in this Section are in addition to applicable penalties set forth at

Section 19 (Penalties) of the General Terms and Conditions.


(b) If Shipper, during a given Month, does not deliver to Transporter quantities of gas under this

Rate Schedule sufficient to replenish Shipper's outstanding GSQ Draws to reach a zero balance during the

immediately preceding Month, Shipper shall pay Transporter a penalty for each Dth of such unreplenished GSQ

Draws, grossed up for the Retainage percentage applicable to Transporter's NTS Rate Schedule. The penalty

shall be 120 percent of the Spot Market Price for the Month during which such quantities are replenished by

Transporter. For purposes of this Section, "Spot Market Price" shall mean, for the applicable Month, the

contract index price for gas delivered to "Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC, Appalachia", as reported in Inside

FERC's Gas Market Report or successor publication. Upon payment of such penalty, Shipper's GSQ Balance shall

be restored to the extent of the quantities underlying the penalty payment, less Retainage.


(c) For purposes of calculating Penalty Revenues pursuant to Section 19.6 of the General Terms and

Conditions, any amount above 100 percent of the Spot Market Price, net of Transporter's costs, will be treated

as a penalty revenue to be credited back to non-offending Shippers.




All of the General Terms and Conditions are applicable to this Rate Schedule and are hereby made a part

hereof, with the exception of Sections 39 and 43.