Colorado Interstate Gas Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/2010, Docket: RP10-689-000, Status: Effective

Tenth Revised Sheet No. 302 Tenth Revised Sheet No. 302

Superseding: Ninth Revised Sheet No. 302





8.1(b)(iv) (Continued)


(6) Control of Segmentation. In addition to the

prerequisites established in Section 8.1(b)(ii),

Transporter reserves the right at any time to control

or restrict Segmentation when, in Transporter's sole

discretion, such Segmentation would result in a

degradation of service or pose a threat to the sound

operation of Transporter's system. Such control or

restriction may be necessary to ensure that critically

sourced Gas is available when and where it is needed

during times of normal, as well as critical operations.

Such control will be effected through the issuance of

Strained Operating Conditions, Critical Conditions or

Operational Flow Orders.



(c) Segmentation and Secondary Points for Rate Schedule TF-1 Shippers


(i) Segmentation. Shipper may Nominate Segmented transactions at

any time.


(1) Shipper utilizing CIG Mainline System Segmentation

Point(s) shall pay the maximum R1 and Commodity Rates

under this Rate Schedule for the portion of Shipper's

quantities utilizing Segmentation, unless otherwise

agreed by Transporter. (See Section 9.24 of the General

Terms and Conditions regarding invoicing for capacity

release transactions). In no event shall Shipper be

entitled to more Transportation Service than is provided

for under the Agreement. Shipper's entitlements at the

existing Primary Points of Receipt and/or Delivery are

not affected by Segmentation.