Colorado Interstate Gas Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/2010, Docket: RP10-689-000, Status: Effective

Eighth Revised Sheet No. 250 Eighth Revised Sheet No. 250

Superseding: Seventh Revised Sheet No. 250






3. Should Transporter conduct an open season, it will post

a notice of availability of the uncontracted-for

capacity on its EBB to afford all potential Shippers an

opportunity to acquire the capacity. Any party wishing

to purchase the capacity, and who meets Transporter's

creditworthiness requirements, may participate in the

open season. Transporter will award the capacity on a

net present value ("NPV") basis using nondiscriminatory

and objective posting and evaluation criteria specified

in the notice of open season. For purposes of its NPV

evaluation, Transporter will consider the aggregate NPVs

of two or more bids for such capacity, provided that if

the combined quantity of capacity under those bids

exceeds the maximum capacity available for subscription

then those bids will only be considered if the bidders

have agreed to accept a prorated award of capacity.

Transporter's posting shall contain minimum terms and

conditions that would be acceptable for consideration

and shall specify the weight to be assigned to each

factor listed in the posting. When an open season is

being conducted, all applicable requests for service

will be treated under this open season process.


4. Transporter will conduct an open season (involving

either an open solicitation for bid to sell capacity or

a solicitation with a pre-arranged bid) if it wishes to

sell capacity where the requested start date extends one

year or more into the future. The open season will

comply with the requirements of Section 4.1(a)(3) above.


5. If Transporter sells firm capacity pursuant to Section

4.1(a)(2)(i), capacity will be made available to other

shippers on an interim basis up to the commencement date

of the prospective firm transportation service

agreement. Where the requested start date of the

prospective capacity extends more than one year into the

future and the interim capacity would otherwise be

eligible for the right of first refusal ("ROFR") if it

is acquired at the maximum applicable tariff rate,

Transporter will limit the ROFR rights of such interim

capacity. If ROFR rights are limited, the

transportation service agreement will note the

limitation. Such a notation shall not be deemed non-