Colorado Interstate Gas Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/2010, Docket: RP10-689-000, Status: Effective

Twelfth Revised Sheet No. 234B Twelfth Revised Sheet No. 234B

Superseding: Eleventh Revised Sheet No. 234B





1.79 "Quick Response" shall mean the preliminary response record

generated by Transporter and made available via EDM to the

Nominating Party indicating the successful receipt of a Nomination

and the fact that such Nomination is correct and able to be

processed or is incorrect and rejected. Transporter's Quick Response

shall conform to the requirements of the Data Dictionary standards

as set forth in NAESB WGQ Standard 1.4.2.


1.80 "Rank" shall mean the relative value provided at the Nominating

Party's option as a data element in a Nomination. Such value shall

indicate the Nominating Party's requested scheduling priority among

Nominations for the same period under the same contract. One (1)

shall indicate the highest priority and nine hundred ninety-nine

(999) the lowest (NAESB WGQ Standard 1.3.23).


1.81 "Receipt-to-Delivery Flow Path" shall mean the path of Gas through

and from a Point of Receipt to and through a Point of Delivery.

Additionally, "Primary Receipt-to-Delivery Flow Path" shall mean the

path of Gas through and from a Primary Point of Receipt to and

through a Primary Point of Delivery. The authorized direction of

flow shall be from the Primary Point of Receipt to the Primary Point

of Delivery.


1.82 "Receipt Quantities" shall mean all quantities expressed in Dth of

Gas received by Transporter at the Point(s) of Receipt for the

account of Shipper.


1.83 "Redeliver" shall mean a Shipper's Nomination within a Pooling Area

of quantities to reduce a Shipper's Lending balance at the related

Park and Loan Point pursuant to a Rate Schedule PAL-1 or APAL-1



1.84 "Releasing Shipper" is any Shipper who has a Transportation Service

Agreement under Rate Schedules TF-1, TF-HP, FS-T, FS-Y, TSB-Y, TSB-

T, NNT-1, FS-1 or CS-1 who elects to release all or a portion of its

firm capacity, subject to the capacity release program contained in

Section 9 of the General Terms and Conditions.


1.85 "Render" shall mean postmarked, or electronically delivered via

Electronic Communication.


1.86 "Replacement Capacity Agreement" is an agreement between Transporter

and the Replacement Shipper setting forth the rate(s) and the terms

and conditions of the service for using capacity rights acquired

pursuant to Section 9 of these General Terms and Conditions.