Colorado Interstate Gas Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 01/24/2005, Docket: RP05-135-000, Status: Effective

Sixth Revised Sheet No. 19 Sixth Revised Sheet No. 19 : Effective

Superseding: Fifth Revised Sheet No. 19







2.1 This service is available for any consecutive term and, at

Transporter's election, for multiple years for winter-time service

resulting from the Valley Line Expansion facilities constructed

pursuant to Docket No. CP03-7-000. Pursuant to the Docket No. RP01-

350-000 et al., Settlement, Shippers receiving service as of

October 1, 2001 for the same 3 consecutive or 7 consecutive Months

within multiple years shall be converted to annual Rate Schedule

TF-1 agreements. Where firm primary point or path capacity is not

available on a year-round basis, the converted agreements will

provide for primary path rights consistent with available capacity

during the applicable time of year.


2.2 Primary, Segmented Secondary and Secondary Scheduling


(a) Transportation Service at and between the Primary Point(s) of

Receipt and Delivery up to Shipper's MDQ shall be considered

firm, and shall not be subject to interruption or curtailment

by Transporter except as otherwise provided in this Tariff

including, but not limited to, interruption or curtailment due

to Operational Flow Orders as provided in the General Terms and



(b) Transportation Service utilizing Flow Path Secondary Capacity

shall be scheduled, subject to capacity availability, following

Primary Capacity but before Secondary Capacity.


(c) Transportation Service utilizing Secondary Capacity shall be

scheduled, subject to capacity availability, following all

Primary Capacity and Flow Path Secondary Capacity.