Colorado Interstate Gas Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/2010, Docket: RP10-689-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 17B Original Sheet No. 17B


Statement of Negotiated Rates

(Rates per Dth)


R/S TF-1 Term of Primary Point(s) Primary Point(s)

Shipper Identification Agreement Dth/d Rate of Receipt of Delivery

------------------------------- ----------- ----- ------ --------------- ----------------

Western Gas Resources, Inc. 1/ 05/01/2003 2/ 3/ Dover Green River

through Dark Canyon

12/01/2013 Muddy Creek


1/ This contract does not deviate in any material aspect from the form of service agreement.


2/ 05/01/03 - 11/30/03 29,750

12/01/03 - 11/30/13 42,500


3/ The total transportation rate shall be comprised of two components. The first component shall be equal to 100% of

the difference per Dth between the gas price quoted in Gas Daily between the Cheyenne Hub and the Kern River/Opal

Plant for the day of service, inclusive of any applicable fuel and surcharges, and shall be payable on volumes

actually transported each month. The second component, which shall be in addition to the volumetric rate

calculated above, shall be a monthly demand charge equal to $0.219 times Shipper's MDQ. The total transportation

rate payable by Shipper on a 100% load factor basis shall not be greater than Transporter's maximum, nor less than

its minimum, rates for service under Rate Schedule TF-1, or superseding rate schedules. This rate shall also apply

for service at other secondary points identified in the Transactional Reporting section of Transporter's EBB.

Thirty days prior to June 30, 2006, Shipper and Transporter agree to undertake discussions to negotiate in good

faith a standard discount rate. In the event Shipper and Transporter cannot agree on a new discounted rate, the

initial negotiated rate shall remain in effect.