Colorado Interstate Gas Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/2010, Docket: RP10-689-000, Status: Effective

Eighteenth Revised Sheet No. 1 Eighteenth Revised Sheet No. 1

Superseding: Seventeenth Revised Sheet No. 1




Description Sheet No.

Preliminary Statement 5

Map 6

Points of Contact 6A


Statement of Rates for Transportation/Storage of Natural Gas

Service Rates 7

Fuel and L&U Rates 11A

Footnotes 12

Statement of Negotiated Rates 17


Rate Schedules

TF-1 Transportation Service - Firm 18

TF-4 Transportation Service - Firm 38

TF-HP High Plains Transportation Service - Firm 63

NNT-1 No-Notice Transportation and Storage Service - Firm 71B

NNT-2 No-Notice Transportation and Storage Service - Firm 77B

TSB-Y Young Transportation-Storage Balancing Service - Firm 78A

TSB-T Totem Transportation-Storage Balancing Service - Firm 89

FS-1 Storage Service - Firm 117A

FS-Y Firm Young Storage Service 132A.07a

FS-T Firm Totem Storage Service 142I

TI-1 Transportation Service - Interruptible 143J

TI-HP High Plains Transportation Service - Interruptible 147

PAL-1 Interruptible Parking and Lending Service 153

APAL-1 Automatic Interruptible Parking and Lending Service 159

IS-1 Storage Service - Interruptible 162

IS-Y Interruptible Young Storage Service 162F

IS-T Interruptible Totem Storage Service 168

SS-1 Swing Service - Interruptible 174A

SS-HP High Plains Swing Service - Interruptible 177

HSP-1 Headstation Pooling Service 180

HUB-1 Cheyenne Station HUB Service 181B

CS-1 Cheyenne Firm Compression Service 184

S-1 General Unbundled Sales Service 186A


General Terms and Conditions

1 Definitions 228

2 Measurement 240A

3 Quality 242

4 Requests for Services 249A

5 Service Conditions 279B

6 Nominations and Scheduling Procedures 279F

7 Responsibility for Gas and Products 298A

8 Operating Provisions 300

8.1 Firm Transportation Service 300

8.2 Interruptible Transportation Service 314

8.3 Storage Service 315