Eastern Shore Natural Gas Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/1997, Docket: CP96-128-004, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 110 Original Sheet No. 110 : Effective






11. Request for Service (Continued)


(b) Service Request Form. Any Requesting Party seeking

service from Seller must submit a completed Service

Request Form. A blank Service Request Form is included

in the Form of Service Agreements section of these

General Terms and Conditions.


(c) Execution of Service Agreement. If Requesting Party's

request for service and credit evaluation comply with

these General Terms and Conditions, and Seller accepts

Requesting Party's request for service, Seller will

tender a Service Agreement to Requesting Party. In the

event the Service Agreement is not executed by

Requesting Party and returned within thirty (30) calendar

days after Seller tendered the Service Agreement, Seller

shall consider the request for service invalid and the

Service Agreement shall be deemed void.


(d) Prepayment. If requesting firm transportation service,

Requesting Party shall make a prepayment by check or wire

transfer in an amount equal to the Reservation Charges

for one Month's service at the MDTQ and MDSTQ level

specified in Requesting Party's request. If firm

capacity is available and a Service Agreement is

executed, then this amount, with interest, shall be

credited to Requesting Party's initial bill for the

requested firm transportation service. If firm capacity

is not available, Seller shall refund the entire amount

of the prepayment, with interest. Interest shall be

computed in the manner provided in Section

154.501(2)(d)(1) of the Commission's regulations.


Seller may waive all or part of the prepayment

requirement if the Requesting Party is an existing Buyer

in good standing with Seller. Waivers of the prepayment

requirement to existing Buyer(s) will be granted by

Seller in a not unduly discriminatory manner.