Eastern Shore Natural Gas Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/1997, Docket: CP96-128-004, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 29 Original Sheet No. 29 : Effective






2. Applicability and Character of Service (Continued)


(d) (Continued)


Supply") delivered for the account of Buyer. Swing

Supply eligible for scheduling on Seller's system under

this Rate Schedule must be delivered to Seller's system

from one or more of the following sources:


(1) General Storage Service (GSS)

(2) Leidy Storage Service (LSS)

(3) Columbia Firm Storage Service (CFSS)

(4) Flowing Swing Supply ("Third Party Swing Supply")

scheduled on Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line

Corporation ("Transco") firm transportation

capacity retained by Seller for Buyer pursuant to

Section 2(j) of this Rate Schedule.


(e) Buyer may elect to transport non-Swing Supply under its

ST capacity on Seller's system. Seller shall provide

Buyer with transportation service for non-Swing Supply

under this Rate Schedule when scheduled in accordance

with Section 21 of the General Terms and Conditions of

Seller's FERC Gas Tariff. All quantities transported

pursuant to this Section 2(e) shall be subject to all the

provisions as contained in Seller's Rate Schedule FT.


(f) Transportation service provided for a Buyer hereunder

pursuant to a conversion, at the effective date of

Seller's restructuring of services ("restructuring"),

from Storage Service provided under Seller's Rate

Schedule GSS-1 to Storage Service provided under Seller's

Rate Schedule GSS shall be limited to the period

commencing on November 1 of each year and extending

through April 30 of the following year, provided,

however, that said converting Buyer may elect at the

effective date of restructuring, upon written

notification to Seller, transportation service for a

period of three hundred sixty-five (365) consecutive

calendar days per year for the full amount or any portion

of said transportation service, provided further, that

any such year which contains a date of February 29th

shall consist of three hundred sixty-six (366)

consecutive calendar days.