Clear Creek Storage Company, LLC

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/01/2000, Docket: RP00-364-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 101 Original Sheet No. 101 : Effective


CUSTOMER: Correspondence, Notices, Invoices and Payment

shall be tendered as follows:


Customer: _______________________

Address: _______________________








Any individual or entity that shall succeed by

purchase, merger, or consolidation to the properties,

substantially as an entirety, of Clear Creek or Customer, as

the case may be, shall be entitled to the right and shall be

subject to the obligations of its predecessor in title under

this Agreement. No assignment of this agreement by either

party or any of the rights or obligations hereunder shall be

made unless there first has been obtained the consent,

thereto, in writing of the other party, which consent shall

not be unreasonably delayed or withheld. Any release of

Customer from its obligations hereunder shall be conditioned

on the approval of Clear Creek's lenders/note holders.


It is agreed, however, that the restrictions on

assignment contained in this Article shall not in any way

prevent either party to this Agreement from pledging or

mortgaging its rights hereunder as security for its

indebtedness without the written consent of the other party.

This Agreement shall be binding upon and shall enure to the

benefit of the respective authorized successors and assigns.




The interpretation and performance of this agreement

shall be according to and controlled by the laws of the

State of Utah, without regard to doctrines governing choice

of law.




1. No change, modification or revision of this

Agreement shall be or become effective until executed in

writing by the parties, hereto, and no cause of meeting

between the parties shall be considered to alter the terms

thereof, except as expressly stated herein.