Clear Creek Storage Company, LLC

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Effective Date: 06/01/2000, Docket: CP98-256-002, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 62 Original Sheet No. 62 : Effective





(including reasonable attorney fees) arising out of the

failure of the Gas tendered by Customer to conform to such

quality specifications, including any injury or damage done

to Clear Creek's facilities.


12.4 Clear Creek shall not be required to accept any

Gas of a quality which, in Clear Creek's judgment, would

impair its ability to deliver to or receive Gas from any

interconnecting pipeline.


12.5 Clear Creek may elect to accept off-specification

Gas in quantities and during periods that Clear Creek

determines will not adversely affect or hamper its ability

to provide service under this tariff. Acceptance of Gas

that does not conform to these specifications is at the

election of Clear Creek and does not constitute any waiver

of Clear Creek's right to refuse to accept similarly

nonconforming Gas.


12.6 It is recognized that Gas delivered to Clear Creek

by Customer will be commingled with other Gas stored

hereunder by Clear Creek. Accordingly, Customer's Gas shall

be subject to changes in heat content as may result from

such commingling. Clear Creek shall, notwithstanding any

other provisions herein, be under no obligation to withdraw

for Customer's account, Gas of a heat content identical to

that delivered by Customer to Clear Creek.


13. Pressures at Point of Receipt and Delivery.


Customer shall deliver its Gas at the point of receipt

and delivery at a pressure sufficient to allow the Gas to

enter Clear Creek's system at the varying pressures that may

exist in the system, from time to time. The pressure of the

Gas delivered to Clear Creek by Customer shall not exceed

the maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP) specified by

Clear Creek for the Point of Receipt or Delivery. If the

MAOP of Clear Creek's system is increased or decreased at

the Point of Receipt or Delivery, then the MAOP of the Gas

delivered by Customer to Clear Creek at the Point of Receipt

or Delivery shall be correspondingly increased or decreased

upon notification to Customer by Clear Creek.


Clear Creek shall tender Gas to or for the account of

Customer at the Point of Receipt or Delivery at Clear

Creek's prevailing line pressure as such may vary from time

to time.