Clear Creek Storage Company, LLC

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Effective Date: 06/01/2000, Docket: CP98-256-002, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 60 Original Sheet No. 60 : Effective





11.2 Non-Recoverable Working Gas. (1) Due to the

operating conditions at Clear Creek, a portion of each

Customer's Working Gas may become permanently non-

recoverable. Except as provided for in Section 20, Clear

Creek shall not be responsible for, nor compensate a

Customer for, Non-Recoverable Working Gas.


(2) Clear Creek will determine each year,

according to its normal operating practices and procedures,

the quantity of Working Gas in Clear Creek that became non-

recoverable during the previous year. The Non-Recoverable

Working Gas shall be allocated to each Customer that

utilized the reservoir during the previous year, based on

the ratio of each Customer's gross Working Gas in the

reservoir during that year to the sum of the gross Working

Gas of all Customers that utilized the reservoir during the

same year.


(3) Upon making the determination described above,

Clear Creek shall inform all Customers of the resulting

determination. If any Customer's actual Working Gas

deliveries from Clear Creek are found to exceed the

difference between the Customer's gross Working Gas and the

Customer's allocated share of the Non-Recoverable Working

Gas in Clear Creek during the previous year, the Customer

shall be solely responsible for reconciling the imbalance

with all other Customers that utilized Clear Creek during

the previous year.


12. Quality.


12.1 The Gas received from and delivered to Customer by

Clear Creek shall conform to the following specifications:


(1) Heat content. The Gas delivered at points of

receipt and delivery shall contain a gross heating value of

not less than 950 Btu per cubic foot nor more than 1150 Btu

per cubic foot. Clear Creek shall have the right to waive

such Btu content limits if, in its sole opinion, Clear Creek

is able to accept Gas with a Btu content outside such limits

without affecting its operation.


(2) Hydrogen Sulfide. The Gas shall not contain

more than 1/4 grain of hydrogen sulfide per 100 cubic feet.


(3) Inert Substances. The Gas shall not contain

inert substances in excess of three percent by volume.