Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/01/2003, Docket: RP03-352-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 478 Original Sheet No. 478 : Superseded





b.**Section 284G service will be "On Behalf Of," pursuant to Subpart G

of Part 284 of the Federal Regulations:


(Legal Name)_____________________, which is an Interstate.


c. The named "On Behalf Of" entity will be:


_____ Transporting the gas _____Holding title to the gas


Important: If required, applicable "On Behalf Of" letter must be

completed with executed agreement. Only one "On Behalf of" party will

be accepted per request.


5. Section 284G Transportation Notice Filing Information


a. Average daily volume to be transported ______DTH


b. Annual volume to be transported ______DTH


c. Peak day volume to be transported ______DTH


6. If Shipper is acting as an Agent in arranging this service, the

Principal is:


(Legal Name)__________________________________________, which is an:


_____LDC _____Intrastate _____End User ____Other ___Interstate


(Southern Star reserves the right to require proof of such



7. Quantities Requested


a. TSS-M or STS-M


i. Maximum Daily Transportation Quantity (MDTQ) ______DTH

** ii. FTS-P - Maximum Daily Transportation Quantity

(MDTQ)(____FTS-M MDTQ + 100% Market area fuel) ______DTH

iii. FTS-M - Maximum Daily Transportation Quantity

(MDTQ) ______DTH

iv. FSS - Maximum Daily Withdrawal Quantity (MDWQ) ______DTH

v. FSS - Maximum Storage Quantity (MSQ)

(MDWQ x 33) ______DTH