Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc.

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Effective Date: 07/10/2009, Docket: RP09-758-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 308 Original Sheet No. 308







33.1 Rights to Reserve Capacity


Southern Star may elect to reserve capacity required for a future

expansion project out of unsubscribed capacity or expiring

capacity under Service Agreements where such Service Agreements do

not have a right of first refusal or Shipper does not exercise its

right of first refusal. Southern Star may only reserve capacity

for a future expansion project for which an open season has been

held or will be held within one year of the date that Southern

Star posts such capacity as being reserved. Prior to reserving

capacity for an expansion project, Southern Star shall first post

for bid all of its available capacity on CSI for a minimum of five

(5) business days and award such capacity in accordance with the

terms of the posting.


33.2 Periods Southern Star May Reserve Capacity


Capacity may be reserved for expansion projects only during a 12-

month period prior to Southern Star filing for certificate

approval for construction or acquisition of proposed expansion

facilities, and following the certificate filing, only until 12

months after all expansion facilities related to the certificate

filing are placed into service, pursuant to Section 33.4, if no

certificate filing is required due to the size of the project,

then Southern Star may only hold the capacity for 12 months

following the date the facilities are placed in service.



33.3 Posting of Reserved Capacity


If Southern Star reserves capacity for an expansion project, it

will notify Shippers of its intent as part of Southern Star's

posting of capacity on CSI. Southern Star's posting for reserved

capacity for future expansion projects shall include the following

information: (a) a description of the project for which the

capacity will be reserved; (b) the total quantity of capacity to

be reserved; (c) the location of the proposed reserved capacity on

the pipeline system; (d) whether, and if so when, Southern Star

anticipates that an open season for the capacity will be held or

the reserved capacity will otherwise be posted for bids; (e) the