Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/01/2003, Docket: RP03-352-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 275 Original Sheet No. 275 : Effective








(h) The supercompressibility of the gas shall be determined in

accordance with the recommendations prescribed in A.G.A.

Transmission Measurement Committee Report No. 8, as amended,

titled Compressibility and Supercompressibility for Natural Gas

and Other Hydrocarbon Gases.


Any meter or meters installed by any party shall be installed at or near

each point of receipt or delivery. Such meters shall be of industry

standard type designed to measure the gas at the receipt or delivery



Southern Star and Shippers shall test their respective chart recorders

or electronic gas measurement equipment at mutually agreed upon

intervals; provided, however, that neither shall be required to perform

such test more than once in a thirty-day period. At any such test the

other may have a representative present if it so desires. Shippers

hereunder shall also have the right to inspect Southern Star's meter

settings at the receipt and delivery points in the presence of

representatives of Southern Star, request tests of Southern Star's chart

recorders or electronic gas measurement equipment and be present at such

tests; provided, however, that Southern Star shall not be required to

conduct such tests more than once each month. Shippers hereunder shall

not alter or in any manner disturb, manipulate or tamper with any of

Southern Star's equipment.


At meters where any party other than Southern Star is responsible for

changing meter charts, such charts shall be received by Southern Star no

later than 48 hours following the day they are changed.


When measuring equipment is found to be no more than two percent (2%)

high or low during a gas day, previous readings shall be considered

correct in computing the receipts and deliveries of gas hereunder, and

such equipment shall be adjusted at once to operate correctly. If at

any time a measurement error of greater than two percent (2%) during a

gas day is determined, gas quantities or calculations will be corrected

accordingly; provided, however, that if the measurement error results in

an adjustment to the monthly quantity of 100 Dth or less, no adjustment

will be made. The period of time for which such corrections will be

attributed shall be for any period which is known definitely or agreed

upon. If the period is not known definitely or agreed upon, then such

correction shall be for a period equal to