Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc.

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Effective Date: 05/01/2003, Docket: RP03-352-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 273 Original Sheet No. 273 : Effective








Unless otherwise specified in the executed Service Agreement or

Construction and Operating Agreement, the quantities of gas received or

delivered hereunder shall be measured at a meter or meters of a type and

kind generally accepted by the natural gas industry for the measurement

of natural gas at the rates of flow and pressure expected to exist at

the point of receipt and delivery in accordance with the following:


(a) The unit of measurement of gas received and delivered hereunder

shall be calculated in dekatherms (Dths).


(b) Gas quantities measured and calculated using electronic gas

measurement equipment shall be designed, installed, and operated

as described in the American Petroleum Institute (API), Manual of

Petroleum Measurement Standards, Chapter 21, titled Flow

Measurement Using Electronic Metering Systems, Section 1,

Electronic Gas Measurement, and subsequent revisions thereto.


As described in the API Electronic Gas Measurement standard,

either the off-site or on-site calculation method will be

utilized, depending on operational considerations.


All verification and audit trail information will be created, and

available on a monthly basis, as outlined in the API Electronic

Gas Measurement standard. Included will be quantity transaction

records, configuration log information, even log information,

corrected quantity transaction records, and calibration and test

record information.


(c) Orifice meters shall be constructed in accordance with the

recommendations prescribed in the latest edition of the ANSI/API

2530 measurement standard and any subsequent amendments or

replacements thereto. Where other types of meters are used,

calculations shall be performed per normally accepted industry

practices, methods or standards.