Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc.

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Effective Date: 03/01/2006, Docket: RP06-188-000, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 253 Second Revised Sheet No. 253 : Effective

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 253





(k) Elapsed Prorata Capacity - means that portion of the

capacity that would have theoretically been available for

use prior to the effective time of the intraday recall based

upon a cumulative uniform hourly use of the capacity.


11.2 General


(a) Any Shipper hereunder may permanently or temporarily

reassign its capacity, in whole or in part, under Rate

Schedules TSS, FTS and FSS as provided in this Section 11

within the term of its underlying Service Agreement. This

Section 11 is not available to any Shipper whose service

agreement has been executed pursuant to an individually

certificated service.


(b) Capacity under Rate Schedule TSS may be reassigned as either

a no-notice service, provided that all components are in the

proportions provided below, or as the separate components

(i.e., FTS-M, FTS-P or FSS). If the components of TSS

service are separately reassigned, such components will be

treated in the same manner as each of the individual

services and are subject to all nomination procedures

specified in Section 8. A Releasing Shipper under Rate

Schedule TSS retains no-notice service only to the extent

that the Releasing Shipper maintains the ratio of at least

one-third of but no more than one-half of the total

deliveries of gas from flowing gas supply sources and at

least one-half of but no more than two-thirds of the total

deliveries of gas from storage, utilizing the components not

reassigned. Releases of FSS service must be in the ratio of

one Dth of MDWQ to thirty three Dth of MSQ.


(c) A Primary Shipper may reassign capacity between primary

receipt and primary delivery points specified in the

executed service agreement or for purposes of segmenting

capacity pursuant to Section 9.3, may reassign capacity

between primary and secondary points within their contract

path. Primary Shippers, Replacement Shippers and any

subsequent Releasing Shippers may change primary receipt or

delivery points pursuant to Section 4.2. Secondary receipt

and secondary delivery points and pooling points are

available to a Replacement Shipper to the same extent that

they are available to the Releasing Shipper pursuant to

Section 4.2 and Section 9.3.