Cheyenne Plains Gas Pipeline Company, L.L.C.

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Effective Date: 07/26/2010, Docket: RP10-876-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 260 First Revised Sheet No. 260

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 260






9.5(b) (Continued)


Posting Requirements for Releases subject to special terms and/or

conditions, or Releasing Shipper's non-standard Bid Evaluation Criteria:


Minimum Duration Open Season Period to

Open Season Commences Match Offer

Length of Release (Note 1) (Note 2) (If Prearranged)

----------------- ----------------- ------------------ ----------------

1 Month or less 1 Business Day 2 Business Days N/A

before nominations

are due


More than 1 Month 1 Business Day 3 Business Days 1 Business Day

but less than before nominations

3 Months are due


3 Months or more 4 Business Days 10 Business Days 2 Business Days

but less than before nominations

1 Year are due


1 Year or more 12 Business Days 24 Business Days 4 Business Days

before nominations

are due


NOTES: (1) Posting of notices of release (either under an open season or a

prearranged release) is subject to review by Transporter for

accuracy, completeness, and validity before being posted.


(2) If a Releasing Shipper agrees to accept a contingent bid

pursuant to Section 9.7(p), the beginning of the open season

shall start earlier by one Business Day.


(c) Pursuant to NAESB WGQ Standard 5.3.1, the following capacity

release timeline (NAESB WGQ Timeline) is applicable to all parties

involved in the capacity release process; however, it is only

applicable if 1) all information provided by the parties to the

transaction is valid and the acquiring Shipper has been determined

to be creditworthy before the capacity release bid is tendered and

2) there are no special terms or conditions of the release.

Furthermore, the release must comply with the Bid Evaluation

Methods described in Sections 9.11(d)(i) through (iii), hereof

(Note 1):