Cheyenne Plains Gas Pipeline Company, L.L.C.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 07/26/2010, Docket: RP10-876-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 209 First Revised Sheet No. 209

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 209





1. DEFINITIONS (Continued)


1.35 "Segment" - shall mean a discrete portion of Transporter's pipeline

system between two specific locations. Segments may be identified

by a Shipper's nomination or by Transporter for operational



1.36 "Segmentation" - shall refer to the ability of a Shipper holding a

firm TSA to subdivide such capacity into Segments and to use those

Segments for different capacity transactions. Segmentation may be

implemented by the Shipper by designating a number of discrete

transportation combinations (receipt points to delivery points),

each of which being equal to or less than Shipper's Primary

Capacity for that pipeline Segment. The applicability and

prerequisites for Segmentation are described in Section 8.1(a) of

the General Terms and Conditions.


1.37 "Shipper" - Any person or entity who either (a) is receiving

service on Transporter's System; (b) has executed a service

agreement under any rate schedule; or (c) has completed a request

for service.


1.38 "Transportation Service Agreement"- or "TSA" shall mean the

contract, in the form contained in this Tariff, setting forth the

specific elements of each transportation transaction, such as

Shipper name, receipt and delivery point(s), and term.


1.39 "Transporter's System" - Transporter's System is displayed on the

system map in this Tariff.