Cheyenne Plains Gas Pipeline Company, L.L.C.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/01/2004, Docket: CP03-302-004, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 141 Original Sheet No. 141 : Effective



Interruptible Swing Service





3.1 Applicable Rates. The rates for service hereunder shall, subject to

other provisions hereof, be the rates agreed to by Transporter and

Operator as set forth in Exhibit "A" to the SSA, provided that such

rates shall not be less than the minimum nor more than the maximum

rates for service pursuant to this Rate Schedule, or any effective

superseding tariff on file with the FERC.


3.2 Commodity Charge. The Operator shall be charged an amount each Month

obtained by multiplying a commodity rate as set forth in Exhibit A

to the SSA by the end-of-Day quantities allocated to the SSA at each

designated delivery point which exceeds +/-5 percent of the daily

total scheduled quantities at each such delivery point during the

Month. However, no charge shall be assessed on end-of-Day

quantities of less than 100 Dth at each delivery point.


3.3 Adjustment of Rates. Subject to the terms of the SSA, Transporter

reserves the right to prescribe and/or to adjust at any time any of

the rates applicable to any individual Operator without adjusting

any other rates for that or another Operator; provided, however,

that such adjusted rate shall not exceed the applicable maximum rate

nor shall it be less than the applicable minimum rate, set forth

from time to time on the Statement of Rates sheet of this Tariff.

Downward adjustment to any rate shall be for a specific term.

Unless otherwise agreed, at the expiration of the term of rate

specified in Exhibit "A" of the SSA, the rate for Swing Service

shall revert to the maximum allowable rate under this Rate Schedule.




4.1 Operators are expected to cause nominations to the delivery points

designated in their SSA to be at levels which approximate estimated

usage at such points.


(a) For each designated delivery point, Transporter shall notify

Operator of the daily and cumulative Monthly balances of over-

deliveries and under-deliveries which are allocated to the



(b) Operators must use reasonable efforts to adjust, or cause to

be adjusted, the nominations to the designated delivery points

to reduce the cumulative balance under the SSA to net to zero.