Central New York Oil And Gas Company, LLC

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/01/2001, Docket: CP00- 61-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 89 Original Sheet No. 89 : Effective




(ii) By means of an instrument

of standard manufacture accepted in the

industry for this purpose installed at a

point to measure the specific gravity of

the Gas stream from which Gas is being

delivered at the Point of



(6) The compressibility ratio factor

"s" used in computing the volume of Gas

delivered through a turbine meter or a

positive displacement meter shall be

determined by the equation s = (Fpv)2, in

which "Fpv" is the supercompressibility

factor determined as described in

subparagraph (4) of this subsection (b).


(7) In determining the flowing

temperature factor, supercompressibility

factor, and compressibility ratio factor "s"

for use in computing the volume of Gas

delivered through a meter, the flowing gas

temperature for only the period(s) of time

that Gas was flowing through the meter shall

be used.


6.3 All flow, measuring, testing and related

equipment shall be of standard manufacture and

type approved by Seller. If applicable, Seller or

Customer may install check measuring equipment,

provided that such equipment shall be so installed

as not to interfere with the operations of the

Operator. Seller, or Customer, in the presence of

the other party, shall have access to measuring

equipment at all reasonable times, but the

reading, calibrating, and adjusting thereof and

the changing of charts, if any, shall be done by

the Operator. Seller or Customer shall have the

right to be present at the time of the installing,

reading, cleaning, changing, repairing,

inspecting, testing, calibrating or adjusting done

by the Operator of the measuring equipment. The

records from such measuring equipment shall remain

the property of the Operator, but upon request,

the other party may request records, including

charts, if any, together with calculations

therefrom for inspection, subject to return within

thirty (30) days after receipt thereof.

Reasonable care shall be exercised in the

installation, maintenance and operation of the

measuring equipment so as to avoid any inaccuracy

in the determination of the volume of Gas injected

and withdrawn. The accuracy of all measuring

equipment shall be verified by Operator at

reasonable intervals, and if requested, in the

presence of representatives of the other party,

but neither Seller nor Customer shall be required

to verify the accuracy of such equipment more

frequently than once in any thirty (30) day