Cheniere Creole Trail Pipeline, L.P.

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Effective Date: 04/28/2008, Docket: RP08-137-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 158 Original Sheet No. 158 : Pending






(ii) The issuance of an OFO for any period of time shall, within the limits

of dispatching accuracy and available facilities, be accomplished as follows:


(a) Transporter shall determine:


(1) the Affected Area,

(2) the capacity of interruptible and/or firm services that must be

curtailed or suspended in the Affected Area, and

(3) the pro rata share of firm capacity available for each Shipper in the

Affected Area.


(b) Transporter shall then issue an OFO to all Shippers in the Affected Area

as soon as practicable. The OFO shall identify the situation to be addressed

and shall indicate the specific action(s) to be taken by the Shipper(s)

receiving the OFO stated in terms of an hourly or daily gas flow level and

specify a discrete length of time the OFO will be in effect.


(c) Transporter's OFO shall include information as to the anticipated extent

and duration of the circumstance requiring issuance of the OFO. In its OFO,

Transporter shall give Shippers as much notice as is operationally feasible

with respect to the deadline for compliance with the OFO; provided, however,

Transporter will not specify a time period for compliance which is less than

two (2) hours after issuance of the OFO. Unless otherwise specified in the

OFO, compliance with an OFO must be achieved within four (4) hours, or within

one (1) hour pursuant to Section 18.F.2 herein. Daily OFOs will be issued no

later than eight (8) hours prior to the end of a gas day and, notwithstanding

the prior stipulated four (4) hour compliance requirements, compliance must be

achieved by no later than the end of the gas day.


(d) Transporter shall not knowingly schedule or permit scheduling of service

which will result in an operating condition in which system pressure rises or

falls to operationally unacceptable levels or would otherwise jeopardize the

integrity of the system and the ability of Transporter to provide service

under firm rate schedules.