Cheniere Creole Trail Pipeline, L.P.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/28/2008, Docket: RP08-137-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 32 Original Sheet No. 32 : Pending




Parking And Lending Service (Continued)




A. Usage Charge. The applicable maximum and minimum usage charges are set

forth in the currently effective Sheet No. 5 of this FERC Gas Tariff and are

hereby incorporated herein. The applicable unit rate to be charged on any day

by Transporter for Parking and Lending Service shall not be in excess of the

maximum usage charge nor less than the minimum usage charge. The minimum and

maximum rates are applicable whether the balance in the Parking and Lending

Account is a credit or debit balance. The rates are based on the rate under

Rate Schedule ITS.


B. Monthly Bill. The monthly bill for Parking and Lending Service shall be

the product of the daily account balance of gas in Shipper's Parking and

Lending Account and the maximum Parking and Lending Service rate set forth in

the current Rate Sheets, unless Transporter elects to discount such rates.


C. Billing Adjustment. If on any day Shipper nominates quantities of gas

to be withdrawn or borrowed from its Parking and Lending Account, but

Transporter is unable to schedule all such quantities nominated, Transporter

shall suspend the rate charges for the quantity nominated but not scheduled

until such time that Transporter is able to schedule such quantity nominated

but not scheduled.


D. Incidental Charges. Shipper shall reimburse Transporter for any

incidental charges incurred by Transporter in providing this service. Such

charges may include only:


(i) reporting or filing fees relating to this service;


(ii) costs of construction or acquisition of new facilities necessary to

render this service, to the extent agreed to by Shipper and Transporter, and


(iii) such other applicable charges as may be authorized by the Commission.


Incidental charges shall be subject to prior Commission approval.